In a world were crime lords rule, east Los Angles is a dangerous place. But one man is given extraordinary powers to defeat the crime lords and restore peace.

Dylan stood on top of the ledge of the 100 foot building, he dove down head first, in mid-flight he shot a grappling hook to a balcony on another building, and another hook to a balcony on an other building. And swung over the main street in east LA, he saw a man being mugged. He dropped from about 20 feet and ran over to the mugger and slammed his head against the wall.

He grabbed the wallet the man had stolen and threw it towards the other man,

"Get lost," Dylan demanded

"Ok,' The man said stumbling backwards.

The man ran away.

Dylan punched the mugger in the face and kicked him in his left knee. "Who are you, and who do you work for," Dylan asked

"I'm not going to tell you shit," The man said

"Were going to have to do this the hard way then," Dylan said

Dylan kicked the man in the other shin and elbowed his back, it knocked the man out cold.

The man woke up hanging by chains upside down, Dylan was standing there with a baseball bat.

"Who are you," Dylan asked

The man spit in his face.

Dylan took the bat and hit the man in the ribs 4 times.

"As I said, who the fuck are you," Dylan asked.

"John Hopkins," The man said spitting blood.

"Who do you work for," Dylan asked.

"Vincent," John answered.

"Son of a bitch," Dylan said with a worried look.

He picked up a pistol off a table in the warehouse, he gripped the trigger and pulled it. He shot the man in the chest and left him there.

He walked outside only to see his windshield and windows had been broken, he saw a note on the hood it read out.

We're coming for you, watch your self, your warmest regards Vincent.