Dylan threw the note on the hood of his car, as he walked off, a car pulled up behind him and started shooting. He jumped behind a dumpster as the bullets flew past him,he rose up off the ground and charged towards the car and pushed on the side of it flipping the car over and exploding it.

He then proceeded to run to an old warehouse, he walked inside nobody was there, he found a mattress in one of the delivery trucks and threw it on the floor. He woke up at 6:00 AM and put the mattress back into the truck, then he walked outside and headed down an alley way. 5 men started following him, he tried to lose them but he couldn't.

They finally caught up to him, Dylan turned around only to be hit with a pipe. He was on the ground while being hit with the pipe consecutive times in the back. One of them kicked him in the face, the kick knocked him out, they carried him to a warehouse and tied him up with chains, he woke up in a warehouse hanging by chains. Vincent was there with 3 bodyguards.

"I heard you are a superhuman, Is that true?" Vincent asked

"Fuck you," Dylan Mumbled.

"Ok so we're going to have to do this the hard way then, boys bring me that bat." Vincent requested

"Yes sir," One of the bodyguards said as he handed him the bat.

Vincent took the bat and hit Dylan in the chest,

"Are you a superhuman," Vincent asked.

Dylan had no choice.

"Yes I'm a superhuman," Dylan answered.

"Very well, get rid of him." Vincent requested.

Vincent and 2 bodyguards walked out the door, leaving Dylan and one bodyguard. Dylan's healing factor was kicking in he broke free from the chains and started beating the crap out of the bodyguard. Dylan kicked the bodyguard in the chest, sending the bodyguard hurling towards the wall, he fell down on a pallet with 2 barrels on it and it killed him. The two other bodyguards walked in just as Dylan killed the other one by snapping his neck.

They charged at Dylan, he did a back flip kick to both of them. He targeted the skinny one first he kicked him in the leg and snapped his neck. Then for the overweight one for a lack of a better term Fat guy. Dylan ran over and drove his knee into his gut and gave him an uppercut. Dylan then snapped his neck with a chain, Vincent walked in he was a 6 foot 2, 220 pounds of muscle, he wore a black suit with a red tie.

Vincent walked in and powered up, he turned into a giant mutant with huge muscles kinda of like the hulk.

He ran towards Dylan and tackling him to the ground, Dylan was the first to get to his feet. He swung the chain at Vincent hitting him in the back, It just angered Vincent more. He ran towards Dylan and punched him in the gut it sent Dylan flying towards the wall, Dylan was laying on the ground near death. Vincent walked over to give one last blow as he lifted his hand up to crush Dylan.

Vincent was hit with a blast from the hands of an unknown man, then proceeded, a kick from a women hit Vincent in the back, and she snapped his neck.

She walked over to Dylan,

"Are you okay," She asked

"I'm fine," Dylan said while getting up and brushing him self off.

"Good," She said

"I'm here to recruit you to a superhero team called The protectors. "She said with a serious voice.