My feet tapped against the floor. My heart was racing in my chest. I tried to keep my breathing even, but my need for revenge was far too strong. I paused just before the best. Our eyes locked. His were a pale green in color. He didn't move, but I knew what he was thinking. Kill. He took a step back. My hand twitched for my weapon, and then he sprang into action.

I underestimated him. He was too quick for me to take on alone. I needed backup. I shouldn't have come here without a partner. His body darted forward. He latched onto my leg. I felt his claws extend and slice through my bare skin. His teeth came down next. Long sharp fangs like the teeth of a vampire. He brought his hind legs up and gave me his best move. Thousand kicks. A ninja move that could put fear into the heart of the strongest man.

I yelped, having been caught off guard. Then I stumbled backwards, trying to release the brut from his death grip. He held fast, and I fell to the floor with a crash that rattled the windows. We rolled around, struggling to be free of one another. And then she walked into the room. My worst nightmare. Patrice Finnegan. The head honcho of the worst super villains club in the entire universe. Most of the villains you heard about on TV reported directly to her. And none of them held even a smidgen of the evil she breathed every day.

She stepped into the room. Her heels clacked against the floor. I felt my lungs contract. So this was it. This was how I was going to die. At the hands of Patrice and her evil henchman. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"What are you doing?" she hissed through straight and even white teeth. Her blonde curls hung in perfect gold ringlets around her face. She never had to do her own dirty work. She sent her most evil assassin to meet me instead.

"What do you think I'm doing?" I snapped back. "I game for vengeance. But the beast… He's just too strong. Make it quick, Patrice. That's all I ask." She rolled her eyes.

"Get up off the floor. Our guests will be here in an hour. And it's MOM, not Patrice."

"Please?" I begged. "Don't make me face your posse. I'm not strong enough!"

"Up. Now." I groaned and sat up. My cat Reginald released my leg and rushed off out of the room to go hide somewhere else. He liked this game. My mother didn't.

"I'm up," I said.

"Go upstairs and get ready. Put on the nice dress I laid out for you."

"Yes, mother." I stood up and headed toward the hallway.

"And wear the socks!" she called after me. I groaned and hurried up the stairs to escape her. I should have known better than to go after Reginald so close to the villain's lair.


Bah. Random story. I actually do have a set plan/main story line planned out for this. But I'm just going to write a lot of random chapters too. I'm not sure how long it's going to be but I do have a sequel panned out and that one WILL include romance and all that sweet stuff. I started writing this because I wanted to make a story without that stuff. And I freaking did it anyway. Gah. Either way this character amuses me. She's kind of imaginative. But she really just likes food, cats and being lazy.