Dawning Of The Infidel

"My pleas are not heard in the Holy Lands."

I was born from the ground. Not like the vegetation you see. I did not grow with the sun, nor the rain, nor the clouds. I simply was born from the ground. Like a black spot on the beautiful green world.

I was found in a forest. A queen had roused me from slumber, I am told. She is so lovely. Locks like the night sky and eyes like the stars. She is so daintily pale and contrasts with her heavily shaded cloth. Rozen is everything that I lack. I am devoid of true color.

She took me to a grand palace where everyone stared. There I meet Isaak, whom is called a left hand, I do not know what that is, so I did not ask. He is tall and slight and nods his greeting. I feel he is afraid, and he avoids me like the plague. I am not offended but I merely pity him for his pointless fear.

Most days I wander through corridors. I count the books in the library and the petals on flowers in the gardens. I'll giggle with the maids as they pin or curl my hair. I like it here, I decide one day. I will live here forever, I tell myself on another.

Today I am exploring the many rooms in the palace. My adventure is cut short by the most peculiar sound I have ever heard in my short life. Singing. It is not lyrical but it speaks for itself. I put down the feather quill I was examining and make my way to the enthralling sound.

I am met by a pair of large brass doors. With a huff I push them open and I am met by a sight that one could compare to an elaborate cathedral. The chairs remain empty but in the middle of the aisle is Isaak. On his knees with his arms held out before his chest as if he is asking for something in return of his beautiful song.

I keep my body tucked behind the door but poke my head inside to watch. Rozen had told me that in this land there were people called Gods and that they answered the prayers of their children and kept them safe. I didn't understand the concept and had no wish to further my knowledge of it. However such things have a stubborn way of finding me anyway. If there were Gods then why was I born from the cold hard ground and not from the warmth and love that everyone else had.

When Isaak sings I feel like an infidel. Treading upon the holy lands and tarnishing the presence of the Spirits. If I am really the abomination then why do I exist. It takes me a moment to realize that the raven has ceased his chirping.


I am startled by his address and I hide behind the door to evade his glance. Surely he must be furious. I, the non-believer have interfered with his preaching. Fear would not stop him but merely fuel his desire to eliminate me.

" .. Pardon if I have offended you. Won't you join me?" He has a nice voice.

I move so a fraction of my face is shown. I settle my eye on him. Isaak looks wary.

"It's okay. I am Isaak Losone, remember? Queen Rozen introduced us."

I nod timidly.

"Uh .. Would you like to join me?"

I stare at him, trying to decide his intentions. His brow is creased in worry but his eyes hold a sense of honesty. I relent and walk the aisle to meet him at the footing. Isaak looks up at me from where he kneels.

"How long were you watching? .. "

I am not very fluent in the way they speak here. I try my best to remember what I've heard and imitate it.

"Not .. Long."

"Oh. Alright." He lowers his gaze to the floor. An awkward silence forms.

I kneel down next to him. After a few more painstaking seconds I venture a question of my own.

"What that you did?"

"Huh?" He looks at me. "Oh you mean .. I was singing to the Spirits."


Isaak looks confused. "Well .. I was asking for safe keeping of my kingdom and loved ones."

"Why?" That's not the answer I wanted.

"Because I want them to be safe?"

"Why?" I shake my head and point to the beautiful display above our heads. I want to know why he sings to Spirits that may and may not exist.

Stained glass covers a majority of the place. Most of them are of the Spirits and their doings. I turn my eyes to other things. The tapestries are old and heavy but I can make out intricate designs and runes that mean nothing to me. What pleases me is the wall carvings. Scenes are depicted of ancient heroes and their deeds. That is what a true God is.

The altar or centre piece is most phenomenal. A sculpture of clay and mud stand in the shape of a large and twisted tree. It's leaves are large, perhaps the size of my foot. I can see the indents where the roots divide. Namless people are gathered around it. Some are praying and others dance around it. What catches my eye is statue of a small boy with a wooden bowl. I suspect that it held water in the artists vision. It's a beautiful piece, I decide.

All the time I was admiring, Isaak was trying to formulate an answer. He gestures at the writing at the bottom of the altar piece.

"For even beyond death, life will prevail."

I turn my gaze to him. He speaks before I can inquire.

"That is why I sing."

"No." I say.

Isaak frowns "What do you mean, no?"

I grab his arm. "I am infidel. I am proof of saying, no? I am born from cold ground-"

Isaak continues for me. "And the non-believers and sinners, the traitors and .. "

"Infidel." I say.

"Shall prevail even after death." I smile and he returns it.

There is something to be said about this saying. It can mean millions of things to millions of people and it can mean absolutely nothing to a single person. There is no standard based understanding of that saying and their never will be. It is most wise to simply nod and interpret your opinion on it. Be yourself ignorant or knowledgeable. Gods are a peculiar thing for preachers and infidels alike.

Author's Note:

Kaine, Rozen, and Isaak belong to me

These are fictional based teachings in a fictional based world. Another example of this fictional belief can be seen in the story "The Stork Never Came."

Remember this is fictional. It can and probably will be associated with other non-fiction religions but please consider it fictional in this sense. It's is based on many not one.