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"You're so beautiful, I don't even mind risking my life to be with you." He whispers into my ear while running his fingers through my hair softly. I subconsciously smile at his compliment and draw myself closer to his warm, muscular body. I've finally found my perfect match in Jake Silman.

He is everything I've ever feared, and everything I've ever desired. The Idea that his kind is evil and unnatural has been pounded into my head so much it's like second nature, yet here I am, wrapped in his arms. Every relationship I've ever had has been based on the physical part, but with Jake, it's different. He's my lover. My other half. My soul mate.

Jake Is a vampire slayer. I am a vampire. We are supposed to be engaging in a battle to the death right now, not cuddling and thinking about how wonderful it feels to be wrapped up together. Then again, you don't get a chance at true happiness very often. Take it from a girl who's been searching for six hundred years.

Even though we're curled up on a pile of blankets in the cellar of an abandoned casino, I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend my time. Strawberry scented candles are burning all around our pallet making the smell of mold a bit more bearable and the scene a lot more romantic.

A plump red rose it sitting in a vase on a small wooden table in the corner of the cellar, Jakes gift to me. He knows I prefer roses over any other gift from a boyfriend, even though I've never mentioned it. Jake Is the most intuitive person I think I've ever met. Everything about him infatuates me.

The boyish grin he wears constantly on his handsome face. The shaggy brown hair that always seems to be hanging in his eyes, no matter how much he flips it. The way he looks at me, as if I'm the most interesting, beautiful thing he has ever seen. But most of all, his kind, sensitive heart, and how much mine wants to be close to it.

His arms wrap around my lower back and hold me tight; as if he's afraid I might slip away somehow. "I just can't get close enough to you…" he whispers in his perfect, silky voice. "I know…" I whisper back while nuzzling against him affectionately. I can't seem to grasp the fact that we have all night together, because usually we can't risk being caught by his superiors, or mine, for that matter.

Jake's coven members have spotted us together, and suspect that I am a vampire. He will be expelled from his coven if found to be associated with me, and they would kill me on sight, or at least try. My coven members would slaughter me and Jake if they caught us. Vampires and slayers falling in love is serious and could cost us our lives, but without each other, our lives would not be worth living anymore. Some risks are just worth taking.

"Jake?" I ask softly into the nape of his neck. "Yeah Rae?" he answers in his deep seductive voice. "I love you." I say with a smile. "I love you too, baby." He says before kissing the top of my head and stroking my hair.

I'm curled around Jake with one leg wrapped over his and my arms lying protectively around his neck. He is looking into my eyes as if seeing me for the first time, and I can't help but blush at the intensity. I've cuddled with a lot of guys and even girls in my long life, but I can't remember a time when it's been this wonderful.

He leans down to kiss me and I instinctively close my eyes. The kiss is slow at first, with gentle brushing of our lips and my hands running through his soft hair. Then, it gets more intense. I pull myself as close as I can get to his firm body and run my hands down his rock hard biceps. He puts his hand behind my head softly, still stroking my hair. Just as I part my lips wider and tighten my leg around him, a terrible, ear-piercing shriek fills the air.

I cringe subconsciously and squeeze my eyes shut at the beam of light flooding into the cellar. The door is being opened. I jump up in a split second, the covers falling unceremoniously to the ground. I can hear Jake jumping up right behind me. We back into the corner where my rose is and I frantically look around for an emergency exit or even a window. I can hear voices coming from the outside of the door and panic instantly. Jake intertwines our fingers and moves to stand in front of me.

I can hear the metallic clanking of boots on the metal stairs and can't help but notice they are to stealthy to be those of a human. I squeeze Jakes hand for comfort and prepare myself to fight. In this life, it's either kill or be killed, and I'm not ready to die.