My father had lost his soul to my mother.

Before he went crazy he used to tell me about them. They both grew up in this small town. She had become friends with my aunt Olivia and my dad wasn't too crazy about her. She was a free spirit with an affinity for trouble.

It seemed like he always had to keep her out of trouble.

But in the long run she started to get him into a bit of trouble. It didn't take long for them to fall in love.

She got pregnant when she was nearing eighteen.

As a rambunctious little boy I never noticed all the problems my parents had.

I didn't notice how my momma was a bit too emotional, and how my daddy drank a little too much.

I was ten when I came home to my momma on the floor with pills all over the floor, and my daddy cryin' with her in his arms.

We moved in with Auntie Olivia and Uncle Weston the following year to a town where not everyone knew each other, but you could still get where you needed just by walking.

Eventually I learned that my momma was bipolar and killed herself with a buncha lithium pills. Daddy practically drank more whiskey than he did water, and that I had a weakness for girls with pretty faces.

I had become the boy who might or might not have too many notches on his bedpost and had a habit of flitting from girl to girl.

Uncle Wes always said I'd end up getting' my heartbroken by some girl who knew how to play my game better than me while Auntie Olivia told me to stop fallin' for every girl that walked by and start being a better country gentleman.

Of course in my defense I am quite the gentlemen, except in bed, but I never promise each girl that I'll sweep her off her feet and marry her. They all just assume it, and you know what they say about assuming thing.

I rub my hands on my jeans and let the door shut behind me, "Auntie O!".

"In here Rory," She calls back.

I kick off my worn leather boots and head into the kitchen.

"Where's Pops?" I ask as I examine a perfect Golden Delicious apple.

"I ain't got a clue hun," She continues to chop some carrots. Her dark hair matches mine and daddy's but her eyes are as dark as olives. I have my momma's hazel eyes that get my dad cryin' when he's a little too drunk, "You stayin' for dinner?"

"Maybe. Not quite sure yet."

"Alright. How was work today?"

After I graduated high school I had decided to save up money and work at the auto shop in town. I never considered myself one for higher education but Uncle Wes said to keep an open mind.

It's barely been a year since graduation and Wes wants me to start looking for colleges.

Unlike us he's a city boy. He never grew up on a farm or field like we all did.

"Same as always," I shrug and take another bite of my apple, "I'm gonna head on upstairs."

My heavy feet pound of the old floorboards as I clamor upstairs. Momma and Daddy were always so tall, and I'm definitely no exception. I'm a whopping six foot four and a physique earned by spending my days working out on ranches and farms.

Uncles Wes is a little taller than daddy while Auntie O is barely five foot six. She always gets shit for being a midget among giants.

I plop myself down on my bed and feel something crinkling under my ass.

I get up for a moment and grab a piece of paper.

"Rory, I've gone to visit your momma. I'll try to be back soon."

I can't help but frown.

She's been dead for nearly ten years, and he still can't get over her.

I mean I loved my momma, I really did, but she's in a better place now. Clearly she wasn't happy here. Sometimes though I feel like daddy's gonna end up like her too because he can't let her go.

It seems like he relies on love to save him, but sometimes you've gotta save yourself.

I wake up as my phone violently vibrates against the night stand. I nearly tumble out of bed as I try to get it.

"What the hell, Austin?" I grumble annoyed.

"Rory Ford get your ass on over here."

"Where the fuck are you? And don't you know what time it is?"

"Sure I do. It's time for you to get your ass on over here to Maverick Springs because Nash is about to get himself married."

That catches my attention. I bolt upright, "What in the world are you talking about?"

"Nash called me a few hours ago and said he's getting married. I didn't even know he was seeing someone. Now you need to drive on over here so we can try to stop this unholy union."

"Gives me four hours and I'll be there."

"It takes five to get here from there."

"I'll drive real fast."

I leave a note on the countertop for Aunt Olivia and shove my things into my beat up Grand Cherokee.

Wes' car isn't in the driveway meaning he left for work already. As I start the car up I check the time, five-forty.

By eight I hit a long patch of endless fields and endless black pavement.

I can't help but squint and lean in a bit as I notice a car on the side of the road.

The inner gentlemen within me tells me to stop and see if someone needs help.

I mentally kick myself for being born and raised in the south and slowdown from a hefty 75 MPH to a good 30. I see someone and pull my car off to the side.

Habitually I run my fingers through my James Dean like locks and stuff my keys into my back pocket.

As I get closer I notice a pair of bright red wedges attached to a very nice pair of legs. The rest of her body is hidden by the open car door. I'm already a bit smitten.

"Need some help?" I ask.

She closes the heavy door and reveals her whole body. And when I say whole body, I'm not over exaggerating because she's barely even dressed.

The girl, who seems about my age, has her hands on her hips and tilts her head at me. She's got on a pair of daisy dukes that could get anyone's heartbeat racin'. Her red flannel shirt is tied so you can see her perfectly flat stomach. It isn't button though so her lacy red bra is clearly on display.

Her cheeks and lips are a saturated rosy color and her cheek bones are sky high. The sun isn't nearly as right as her green eyes and her long brown hair flows better than a freshwater river.

She's got my heart nearly beating out of its chest.

"Sure do sugar,"

Her voice has me melting like a popsicle in July.

The hood of her maroon colored car is already propped open.

I try not to stare at her legs that seem to go on for days.

She puts her hands against the car and leans toward me a bit.

"So why'd you stop for little ol' me?" She asks.

"A man's always gotta help anyone in need."

She makes a small amused noise, "So you're one of them country gentlemen."

"Most of the time," I give her a grin and a suggestive wink.

"Well you just got a lot more attractive. I like a man with a kinky side."

I can't help but chuckle a bit and try to look back at her car and not her amazing face.

Soon enough she's sitting in her driver's seat smoking a Marlboro and I was half in love with her.

"I don't get why you're so reluctant to tell me about yourself." I shake my head and look at her.

She blows out a stream of smoke which has me itchin' for a cigarette too.

"Everyone has their secrets."

"Except apparently your whole life is a secret."

She gives me a cheeky wink, "What's life without a whole lot of mystery?"

I wipe my hands on my jeans and walk over to her car door. I lean on the door and through the window that's rolled all the way down. I pluck her cigarette out of her dainty hands and take a drag for myself.

"Come on you've gotta tell me somethin'."

She leans in so I could kiss her if I wanted to. And I sure as hell want to.

"I'll tell you what," I feel her long pretty eyelashes graze my skin and it seems like my mind if as empty as a desert, "I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours."

"Rory Matthew Ford."

She pulls back and holds a hand out to me, "Nice to meet ya Rory Ford. I'm Raleigh Marie Buchanan."

"Why do I feel like you're lyin' to me?"

She pouts, "Now why would I lie to the man who's fixin' my car for me? I'm absolutely heartbroken that you'd think of me like that. "

I smile, "Sorry babe, I'll have you know that I only think the best of you."

"You better think the fuckin' best of me."

After I got her car up and running again all I learned about her was her name, that she's from Louisiana, and that she's nineteen with a love for drugs.

And without having to try she got me to follow her to the town she's currently staying in for lunch.

Except lunched turned out to be us having sex in her motel room.

Sweet Lord of mercy Raleigh exceeded all known definitions of perfection. The sound of her laugh and the way her hips felt under my hands were the only things that mattered.

Playfully she bites my bottom lip and ran her fingers through my hair.

Things get a bit less playful and a whole lot hotter. Her nails were diggin' into my back and the sweet haunting sounds of her moans had me in a trance. She arched into me as our pace picks up once again.

My lips attack her neck leaving bites and bruises. We're both murmuring things that would make the Devil blush even a bit.

Confused my eyes fluttered open. One of my wrists is handcuffed to the bed and Raleigh is nowhere in sight.

I look down at my chest and see a few love bites she left and lipstick on my skin, but that's all evidence I have of her.

I look around for a clock and see that it's past noon.

A silver key catches my eye and I use it to set myself free. I put on my boxer-briefs and search the room.

"God damn," I curse.

All my cash, my watch, phone, and my pack of cigarettes are gone along with all of Raleigh's things. On the door I see a note taped to it.

"Have a nice life- Raleigh" Underneath her name is a kiss left by her lipstick.

I put the rest of my clothes on and head to my car. I get in with a clenched fist and slam the door shut.

Damn it all to hell.

That girl must be made of magic or something because somehow I want to find her and kiss her senseless even though fucked me, stole my things, and left.

But I have no idea where to find her.

It dawns on me that I actually had somewhere to be before I met the woman who seemed to steal my heart, among other things.

I reach Nash's suburban apartment much later than expected.

Austin flings the door open with a very displeased look, "I'll drive fast? More like I'll drive slower than my eighty-five year old grandma."

"I got sidetracked. It's not like Nash got married in the time it took me to get here, right?"

Austin gives me a disgusted look which tells me that I won.

I pat his back and head on in.

As soon as I enter though I see Nash with a fiery red head sitting together in the living room.

"Hey Rory! Glad to see ya," Nash gets up and gives me a bear hug, "I'm glad Austin called you down here for the weddin'."

I eye my best friend warily, "Nash…since when were you engaged?"

"We got engaged last week," The red head answers, "I'm Dakota."

"But we can't wait and wanted y'all to come with us to the courthouse to get married."

"And how long have you two been seein' each other?" Austin asks joining the conversation.

"Six months," Nash replies, "But damn it I know she's the one."

"Now hold on I think y'all have gone a little crazy here." I frown.

"It's not like you've ever been in love," Nash says getting a bit defensive, "Look I know this isn't how you two would go about things, but this is how I am. We're getting' married and it don't matter if you two agree with it or not."

"But we're nineteen-"Austin tries to refute.

"And just because we're young doesn't mean we don't know what love is."

Normally I'd argue this further but my encounter with Raleigh has me thinking a bit differently.

"Okay. I support you." I say startling both my best friends.

"What?" Austin frowns, "Did you get abducted by aliens on your way over here, Rory?"

"Nash is a big boy and can do whatever he wants. He ain't hurtin' anyone." I shrug.

"I'm glad you see it my way," Nash smiles and kisses Dakota.

Austin and I spend the night seeing as how the "wedding" is the next day.

All I could think about was Raleigh, and I even dreamt about her.

I shouldn't be so hooked on her, but I am. Normally I wouldn't mind if a girl left me alone in the morning. I wouldn't mind not seeing a girl ever again.

But not seeing Raleigh seemed just plain old wrong.

With me only half paying attention and Austin acting like a petulant child the four of us drove down to the courthouse.

"I think I see my sister's car," Dakota says excitedly as Nash locks the car.

"Go on then," He smiles.

Dakota gives him a quick kiss and goes off in whatever direction it is.

"What's up with you? Austin's right you do seem a bit off." Nash asks.

"It's just this girl-"

"Hold on," Austin interrupts, "You've got girl troubles. You?"

I give him a dirty look, "I've had girl troubles before."

"If you count girl troubles are the boyfriends of girls you slept with trying to kill you, as girl troubles, then sure."

"Is some scorned boyfriend tryin'a kill you?" Nash asks.

I scoff, "No-"

"Hey guys! This is my sister," Dakota says bringing the attention to her.

My jaw nearly drops, "Raleigh."

"Yeah, you two know each other?" Dakota gives us a curious look.


"Don't you dare deny that," I nearly growl, "Why the fuck did you leave like that?"

"I have no idea what you're talkin' about, sugar." She narrows her eyes and looks at me scornfully.

She had decided to put on a dress that would easily turn a gay man straight.

"Let me refresh your memory, baby. I fixed your car for you, we had sex in your motel room and then you left me handcuffed to the bed."

"I left the key for you." She says defensively.

"After stealing my money, phone, and watch."

Dakota hits her sister's arm, "Raleigh I can't believe you grifted Nash's best friend."

"How was I supposed to know?" She frowns.

"Hold on," Austin holds his hands outs, "Someone please explain what in the world is going on."

Dakota sighs, "My sister is a grifter. You know she travels around conning people. She got it from our momma and daddy."

Raleigh rolls her eyes, "This ain't no time to tell our life story to these people."

Nash holds up a hand, "Well I'll be your brother is law soon actually."

"Can't we just postpone this?" Austin suggests.

"No," Nash, Dakota, and Raleigh say.

"We're getting married Austin." Nash frowns.

"And I am not coming back for another damn wedding." Raleigh huffs.

The five of us continue on toward the courthouse and before we know it Nash and Dakota are married.

Before Raleigh can haul ass out of here I grab hold of her. She sighs tiredly and gives me a look.

"I swear Rory-"

"Why'd ya do it?" I ask.

"I'm a grifter-"

"No, why'd you sleep with me?"

She looks at me confused.

"I don't care that you stole my stuff. I care that we had sex like that and you left. Maybe I've been living my life wrong, but I've never felt like that with anyone."

"You know there's a reason why mommas tell their sons to stay away from girls like me."

"You're exactly the type of girl my momma would've wanted me to end up with." I say honestly. The Ford men seem to have a thing for girls who cause trouble.

Raleigh sighs, "No one wants to end up with girls like me, sugar. Only crazy people."

"Then stop calling me sugar and start calling me crazy."

Raleigh sighs, "Maybe I'll see you around, Rory."

As much as I tried to pry information from Dakota she wouldn't tell me anything else about her sister. And as much as I bugged Nash he wouldn't tell me anything about Dakota's life.

I had gone a bit crazy.

But it didn't bother my one bit.

Uncle Wes eyes me, "Are you okay Ror?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You seem…off…" Aunt Olivia adds, "You're remindin' me of your daddy."

"Sweet Lord, are you in love?" West realizes.


Auntie O gasps, "My God you are."

I don't reply.

"Please tell me she's at least a wholesome girl who goes to church and wears an abstinence ring because if she ain't then I'll bet you you'll end up just like your daddy."

"…We had sex and she stole my things."

"Good lord," Uncle Wes sighs.

"What is it with you Ford boys." Aunt O shakes her head.

"I don't know, but I honestly don't care. I can't stop thinkin' 'bout her. I know it's crazy, but I really want to be with her."

Before anyone can talk me out of it I drive over to Nash and Dakota's.

I don't have to say much because they already know why I'm there, and they already know where I can find Raleigh.

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