Today is New Halloween. After the 'Great Infection', us zombies have changed Halloween up a bit.

Now, you know how humans put up barricades? Well, they don't expect us to be able to strategize. Us zombies, we take offense to that hurtful stereotype. Anyway, we go up in groups, break into their barricades in the dead of night, and eat all the humans we can. Then, we take the supplies and run like hell.

As you can assume, this is EXTREMELY fun.

Before the Great Infection, there was this movie. 'The Shinning', or something. This guy in the forest (where many survivors keep up their barricades) named Ted holds a New Halloween store. I traded some spleen I saved from New Thanksgiving for this huge axe.

I gave Rod the axe. He was only turned into a zombie like, five months ago, so he has the best memory of pop culture crap. He chopped a whole through this one barricade, and was all like, "Here'sssss Roddy!" And massacred them all! That axe was worth the spleen alone for the hilarity!

Signed, Joe the Zombie.