The light flashes green and the little white man urges them to quickly proceed across the street. Laughing and giggling, the children skip across the dirt street. Their school is over a mile away, but these naïve and pure souls do not mind. They are oblivious to the dangers that plague this world, threatening to enshroud it in darkness. The town they live in is sheltered. No evil penetrates and destroys.

The children take the railroad path. This is the path they always take; there is something comforting and warm about a familiar road. The dirt is always a musty yellow, deprived of luscious vegetation. The fields of gold always sway in the breeze, rippling like the sea. The rusted freight train is always roaring by, sending clouds of dust into the air. The children do not take the time to bask in this picturesque scenery. They do not appreciate its perfection. They do not understand how breathtaking and beautiful can such a simple view be. They are still young.

But this story is not about the children. This story is not about how they mature and grow up. This story is not theirs. If one must know, they grow up to be fine adults that eventually long for the familiar old scents of smells of their quaint childhood. They long for the musty dirt. They long for the fields of gold. They long for the booming freight train. They long, but they will never receive.

Rather, this story is about something they had never bothered to explore. The tale is about the train. Yes, the rusted train with a tail of compartments. Specifically, it is about the faded red boxcar in the middle of the chain. An inconspicuous component, it is natural that no one questions what is inside. But one should question. One should question why no one ever ponders about what is inside, why no one ever looks inside.

Locked inside is an experiment: a test of human sanity. This is an experiment that searches for an answer, but lacks a question. It can yield the answer to anything.

Of course, isn't that the beauty of such an open-ended question?

AN: Based off an intriguing dream I had... As dreams never make perfect sense, I am still unsure of the direction this story is headed...