a/n: war isn't quite the right category, but it's seemed like to closest to me. not that this poem is really letting me describe anything about it, but i try...


right now,

all the bodyguards in the universe couldn't save me.

my armour has turned to feathers

i can't even fly with.

my collar has changed

from protection to a challenge:

"come and get me."

"control me, i dare you."

and i'm crying in the corner

hiding my face in a blanket

that used to be safe.

i have no one left to run to,

and he is coming to get me again.

there's nothing i can do

save pretend he can't hurt me,

but he can and has and he knows it.

i hate him.

i hate the power he has over me.

to take control of my body, my mind,

with a glance, a touch, a word.

i am his,

as much as i try to be my own,

and it hurts me.

he hurts me.

and the worst part?

i don't even know who he is.