Chapter 11... Yeah, that's about it.

Chapter 11 - Over Ruled

As te group marched towards the native encampment, Taylor became increasingly worried over Gabriels sake. She soon began wondering if he was even alive.

"Sammy, are we almost there?" she asked, her worry turning to impatience.

"How am I supposed to know? I'm a cat, not a GPS!" Sammy said, still sniffing across the tracks, and heading closer towards the tribe.

Taylor began grumbling impatiently as she hobbled along side Sammy, David, Dream, and Tyler trialing behind a few feet.

"Taylor, Sammy is right, she's working as fast as she can, calm down." Tyler tried to explain to her.

But Taylor would have none of it, she simply glared back at him, as if challenging him to try again. Tyler shut his mouth instantly, and looked away from her glare. She looked back ahead, and she thought she saw movement in a bush about 6 feet away. While Sammy, and the others strolled ahead, she limped over to the bush, and reached in it, and upon grasping the first non-bush object, she pulled as hard as she could, dragging a full grown out of the bush by his hair as he shouted something in a language she did not know.

"Who the hell are you, and why are you spying on us?!" she barked out at him as he struggled to stand, the pain in his hair being ripped from his skull immobilizing him.

"Answer me!" Taylor screamed at him, hitting him in the gut with her walking stick.

"Toto waka, shiki suku!" he screamed at her in the alien language again.

"Taylor, the man doesn't speak English, that won't help us any." Dream told her friend, walking up.

"I don't care, he might be the one who took Gabriel!" Taylor yelled at Dream.

"Taylor, you just said it yourself, he MIGHT be, we don't know!" Dream told her, pulling Taylors hand out of the mans hair.

Taylor glared at her, then to the man before stalking away.

Dream bent down to the man, helping him up to which he bowed to her several times, and ran away. Dream sighed, and returned to walking along side Tyler, and David.


"Steven, have you seen Raylynn?" Kiara asked him as she ran around the plane, trying to make a head count.

"Yeah, she's under those chairs, have you seen Chase?" he asked her as he tried to do the same.

"I thought he was with you?!" she yelled over the playing childrens' screams of joy.

"No, he left about a minute ago." Steven told her, tripping over a body they never got around to moving.

"Taylor, why didn't you have David stay, and help us...?" Steven mumbled.

At this moment, Raine ran past Steven, and he sighed as he tried to calm her down so they could all sit, and be quiet, and let them have a head count.

Elsewhere... Again...

"Lord Shiro! Your scout has returned with important news!" the native informant informed his King.

"What is it slave?" he asked, looking down upon the man with great disgust.

"He has encountered the enemy my Lord!" he said, bowing his head.

"I see... What did he learn from them?" he asked.

"They speak another language my King, and their elder is a young woman with a injured leg!" the informant told the King, not believing it either.

"Their elder is... is a woman?" Shiro pondered for many seconds before smirking.

"I see... Prepare a feast." he announced, now walking to his hut.

"Yes my Lord!" the man said, rising from his bow, and running to the food storage to tell the workers to start the feast preparations.

"Father? What is going on?" Spencer asked, walking out of his hut, watching the workers run around doing their jobs.

"We're having guests my son, now go put on your good pelt." Shiro told him, walking by him into his own hut.

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