Chapter 6.

Chapter 6 - Mushy Stuff

"Ow... Ow... Yeah, that's pain..." Kyle mumbled as he lied on the chairs.

"Kyle, shut the hell up, I have a really bad head ache, my leg hurts like hell, and I am really starting to want to kill something, don't make yourself a target." Taylor told him glaring at him.

He yelped, and closed his mouth tightly. Not even air could make it through.

"T-Taylor?" he asked.

"What?" she asked, getting annoyed.

"I hope you feel better soon..." he said, looking away.

Taylors eyes softened, and a grimace appeared on her lips as she replied "Thanks Kyle, it... It means a lot."

He smiles, looking back at her, and says "No problem."

They both smile at each other, and then Dream walks in. She spies the too.

"Awww, so cute." she says, smiling.

She then sneaks up behind Taylor, and jumps up yelling "BOO!"

Taylor yelps, and almost falls from her chairs.

"DREAM!" she screams in anger as Dream hobbles away laughing her ass off.

"Oh my go-o-o-d! Yo-You should have seen your fac-e-e-e-es!" Dream laughed out, nearly falling to the floor, grabbing a chair to support herself.

Taylor gives her the glare of torture, and death, but Dream just laughs at it.

"What... Is... So... Funny...?" Taylor hissed out at her.

"The fact that you think even that you can hurt me with a broken leg is hilarious!" Dream shouted out, still laughing her ass off.

At this Taylor jumped up, and started limping towards Dream, death in her eyes. Dream walked backwards, laughing even harder.

Soon however, Taylor tripped, her anger forgotten, and she fell over a corpse, her face landing right next to its.

"THAT FUCKING HURT DAMNIT!" she screamed as she held her leg in pain.

Dream hobbled away laughing even harder, and ran right into Tyler.

"O-oh... Tyler, fancy meeting you here..." she said, blushing, and mentally cursing herself for her poor choice of words.

"Yeah..." he said, also slightly blushing.

Later that night... With Steven, Dream, Tyler, and Kiara...

"Steven?" Kiara asked.

"Hmm?" he mumbled, telling her to continue.

"Mind if I sleep over here with you tonight?" she asked sweetly, smiling softly.

He nodded, and scooted over, giving her room as she then snuggled up close to him. He started stroking her hair as they lied there.

"Steven?" Kiara mumbled happily.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"I love you." she told him, snuggling up closer to him, a light blush dancing across her face.

He smiled, and replied "I love you too."

They then both drifted into the land of sleep.

Dream however, was lying over in her chairs watching Tyler as he too lied there, staring at her.

"Dream?" he asked.

"Hmm...-What?" she asked, coming out of her trance.

"Is there something on my face? You've been staring for a while." he said.

"Oh-um-uh, no-NO, no there's-no, nothing there-um, yeah-NO..." she stuttered, blushing many shades of red.

"Oh, okay." he said, lying his head back down, and going to sleep.

Dream stared at him for a moment longer, and she too fell asleep.

Outside the plane...

Two Natives are walking around the crashed plane, and notice that people are in it, and they take off running.

YEAH! CHAPTER 6! I love to write mushy fluff. It makes me feel nice.

Yours truly, Tallest L.