CHAPTER 7! YAY! I really wanted to write this chapter for reasons I'll tell you later.

Chapter 7 - Mushy Stuff Part 2 + Danger

As Taylor, and Kyle both slept in the other part of the plane, soon two small figures walked up to Taylor, and tugged her shirt. She turned in her sleep, and it tugged again.

She sighed, and sat up yelling "What do you wa-!" though she stopped when she heard whimpering.

"Kyle?" she asked, blinking a few times, adjusting her eyes to the darkness.

She blinked looking down, her eye sight bad since her glasses weren't on, and saw the two small figures trembling at the sight of her.

"Sc-scary lady... C-can y-y-you help us...?" one of the trembling small figures asked.

"What?" she asked, her eyes adjusting to the dark.

As her eyes adjusted, she noticed the two small figures where actually young children, around 4, or 5 years of age. She nearly jumped out of her seat to help them, but remembered her broken leg, which was now having a field day with her pain nerves.

She about called out the whole vocabulary of curses she knew, when she remembered there was two children in her company. She stopped herself.

"Wh-what do you need help with?" she yawned.

"Raylynn is hurt..." the boy said.

Taylor sat up, and looked over at the girl next to him.

"What's wrong with..." she trailed off as she saw the mangled arm in the girls hand.

"Oh my god-KIARA!" she screamed.

Kiara jumped awake, waking Steven, and ran as fast as she could to Taylor.

"TAYLOR!" she yelled as she ran in the room thinking something was wrong.

She ran in, and saw the two.

"Taylor... Who are they?" Kiara asked looking at the two, pulling out a flashlight.

"Where the hell did you get a flashlight? I could have used that a few minutes ago!" Taylor yelled at her.

"Oh my god-Taylor what did you do to her arm?!" Kiara yelled at her.

"ME!? I didn't do a damn thing!" Taylor yelled back at him.

"Oh... Ooooooooh it must've been when the plane crashed..." Kiara said.

"Wait... That would mean you've been unconscious all this time?" Taylor asked them.

They nodded, and the girl cried out in pain.

"Are you okay?!" Kiara asked, running up to her, finally waking Kyle.

"Hmm?" he moaned.

"We need to popped this back in place..." Kiara said.

"Here, hop up here." Taylor said, patting the side of the chair.

The girl hopped up, and with her okay hand gripped Taylors, scared out of her mind.

Kiara looked it over, and said "Okay Taylor, I need you to pop it back in place, I'll make sure she doesn't hurt her self anymore."

Taylor nodded, and turned the girl to face her.

"This'll only hurt for a little while okay?" she told her in a calm voice.

The little girl nodded, and held out her broken arm. Taylor grabbed it on both sides, and looked the girl in the eyes, a small meeting sending trust into the girl for her. She then popped the bone back into place as the girl gasped loudly in pain, after Taylor put her arm down, and Kiara let go, she immediately threw herself on Taylor, pulling her into a hug.

"Ompf!" Taylor huffed as the girl hugged her.

The girl started sobbing into Taylor.

"I miss my Mommy!" she yelled into Taylors side as she hugged her.

Taylor looked down at her, and her eyes softened.

Hey fools, I wouldn't put this unless we was going elsewhere...

"Lord Shiro!" one of the Natives called as he ran up the dirt road.

"Yes slave?" the Great Lord Shiro asked as he looked down upon the grunt.

"My Lord! There are intruders in the forest!" the grunt said bowing to his leader.

Lord Shiro thought for a moment before calling out "Everyone! We have intruders to the forest, I want you to find, and capture them at once, dead or alive, it matters not."

"YES MY LORD!" the tribe all screamed.

Then so they went, gathering weapons, and preparing to capture, or kill the intruders.

YES! It's done!

Yours truly, Tallest L.