Chapter 8, I hope you're happy.

More Mushy Stuff

After the trouble with the two children, everyone went to return to sleep. The two kids going to sleep beside Taylor, thinking 'the scary lady' might keep the monsters away. But soon after everyone was at rest, three more figures appeared from the dark of the plane. Two running up to Dream, and Tyler, and the third running up, and hugging Kiara, and Steven. The two that ran up to Dream, an Tyler shook them quickly, and Dream awoke.

"Are you okay?" she asked them as Tyler woke up.

Steven, and Kiara awoke at the same time asking "Who are you?"

"Are you going to help keep the monsters away?" all the children asked asked at the same time.

Everyone exchanged glances, and nodded. The children stayed with the people they were with, and everyone went to sleep.

Early the next morning...

"Scary Lady?" the girl known as Raylynn called out, shaking Taylor slightly.

"Hmm... What...?" Taylor mumbled half awake.

"We're hungry." she responded for herself, and her "brother".

"Hmm? Hungry? Go get some... Go get some toast out of the kitchen..." Taylor mumbled, not even half awake.

"I don't see a kitchen here Scary Lady." Gabriel responded, looking around.

At this, Taylor awoken in a haze, looking around, not quite remembering the day before. Then it hit her.

"Oh! Now I remember... No kitchen... Hmm... Give me a minute to... To find some." Taylor replied, trying to stand, only to scream in pain as it course.

"ARG! FU-okay!" she screamed, controlling her language as the children stared at her.

She sighed, and yelled "Kiara!"

Kiara heard her, and ran in, Steven, and the child by her side.

"What?" she asked running in.

"They're hungry." she told her cousin.

Kiara stared at her before saying "We all are, we don't have any food."

"Oh... Well go get some, I'm hungry too." Taylor said as she once again tried to stand up.

"OW! SH-Ugh... Get me a freaking crutch too..." she mumbled, once again stopping herself from cursing.

"Alright, alright..." Kiara said her, Steven, and the child now walking back the way they came.

"Anna, would you go stay with Dream while we go find something to eat, or drink?" Kiara asked pointing to Dream.

The little girl nodded, and she ran over, and sat down next to Dream, and Tyler.

Kiara, and Steven then decided to start their search, and walked out the plane to look around for an eatable plant.

As they walked, they ever slowly became aware that they couldn't find anything eatable, and they were being followed.

"Kiara, have you noticed...?" Steven started to ask, being slightly creeped out by being watched.

"Yeah I have." She responded, still pretending to look for food so as not to draw attention.

"Good, I thought I might have been the only one to notice." he said, with slight relief.

As they walked, they slowly made their way back to the plane, their followers still following them from a distance. They walked up, and into the plane, and were tackled by the child from before, whining about thinking something might have happened to them.

"We're fine." they told the child several times, before she finally took it to mind, and let go, allowing the pair to stand.

They child finally accepted it, and they walked in to see Taylor with the two children asleep on either side of her.

"Taylor," Kiara begun.

"The whole time we were out there someone, or something was watching us, not in sight, but we could feel it." Steven finished, taking a step forward.

"Do you know what it could've been?" she asked them.

They both shook their heads. Taylor then started thinking about what it could be, but the correct thought never came to mind as Kyle interrupted her.

"We need to block the hatch." he said, motioning his arms to the hatch.

They all nodded, and they got Tyler to start blocking the door.

A few hours later...

As night fell, and all the children went to the people they were with the night before, and all of them fell asleep. Steven, and Kiara snuggled up back where they were the previous night, as did Dream, and Kyle. Outside however, there were several Natives wondering about around the plane.

"How may we enter you great bird god!?" one of them called out.

They then proceeded to dance around the plane like maniacs Until dawn.

There is chapter 8, hope you liked it.

Yours truly, Tallest L.