As my mom is driving me home, asking all kinds of questions.

"How did you like the camp?" she asks me.

"It sucked. I hated it."

"I know it may be hard to get used to, but this program can really help with your anger."

"What anger?"

"Damien, you know what anger I'm talking about. Ever since you were little you would always get into fights for no reason."

"Well, not no reason, just because it was fun."

"It wasn't fun for the other kids."

"Well then that's their problem."

"Listen Damien, I really want you to attend this program."

I sigh.

"If you really want me to do it, I'll do it." I say. I can see her smiling. Now you are probably wondering with me being a sadist and all, why would I be so nice to my mother? Well, she's the only family I got, for one. If she wasn't there, I would be homeless. She does everything for me, cook for me, clean my clothes, everything. I can tell she loves and cares for me alot, as she is only people I know who does. and thinks my sadism is bad for me. I guess she doesn't want me to get into trouble, I don't know. So, we drive home, and she gets started on dinner. I decide to go to my room and put in one of my favorite films, A clockwork orange. And soon, she brings me dinner, and I eat it, and she takes the plate. I finish the film, and go to bed.

The next morning, I wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and go to the kitchen, where my mother had already made me breakfast. I eat it, and once she's ready, we get into the car and leave for the amusement park. She drops me off, and I walk to where the camp is in the park. I see the other students, and sneak up behind Jess, and flick her ear. She laughs as she looks at me.

"Ah Damien!" The teacher says walking towards me. "It's so nice to see you on time."

"Fuck off old man."

"Now Damien, there's no need for bad language."

"There's no need for your pathetic existance."

"Well anyway..." he says walking away. "We are going to do an exercise to get to know each other. We will go down the line, and everyone will answer the questions I ask. So, what is everyone's favorite holiday?"

"Christmas! Easter! New years!" they all say. Soon it is my turn.

"9/11." I say.

"Okay." the teacher says puzzled. "What kind of movies you like?"

"Action films! adventure films! Romance films!" and it is my turn again.

"Snuff films." I say. The teacher looks at me all confused.

"Alllright. Uh...who is someone that inspires you?"

"Martin luther king! Ronald Reagan!"

And once again it is my turn.

"Jack the ripper." I say. Jess giggles.

"How could he be inspiring to you?" the teacher asks me.

"Because he was very sucsessful in what he did. He teaches me to be give a hundred and ten percent, and go all the way when doing a task."

"Whatever...okay and one final question. if you could own any TV station, which one would it be?"

The dumb kids say ones like disney channel and cartoon network, or MTV. Then the teacher walks up to me.

"Which one would you choose?"


"Videodrone? Why would you possible like that? And...that TV station is fictional!"

"As far as you know. And because, whoever created that was a genius. I have never seen a channel with such bright ideas. No other man could think of torturing women with the use of an damp electified clay wall in a pool of water! You can't just make that stuff up."

He looks at me with a very confused expression. He sighs.

"Well, I guess we all know what kind of person Damien is."

"And I guess we know what pussy cunt of a man this teacher is." I say.

"Well okay...uh...let's move on. Today we are going to practice helping the community. We are going to be janitors for the park today."

"You can't be serious. There's no way in hell I am going to do that shit."

"You don't have a choice Damien. I'm sure your mother would be upset enough if she heard what you said before."

"Bitch please, my mom knows me."

The janitor soon comes and hands everyone mops, and trash bags. He runs out once he gets to Jess and I.

"Hmmm, I'll have you two rake leaves in the picnic area."

So he leads us to the old picnic area, which is in a grassy park like area with wooden tables and chairs. the park is surrounded by trees. Jess and I start to rake until the janitor leaves and is out of view. then we stop.

"God I hate this program." I say throwing the rake down.

"Well I know of a way we could make it more interesting..." She says. She walks over to the rake on the ground, and jumps on the metal part, which swung the wooden part into her face. We both laugh hysterically.

"Hit me across the face with the rake, Damien."

"Whoa. That's a little hard core." I say.

"Just do it."

With all my might, I swing the rake across her cheek. She reacts and screams.

"YEEEEAAAAH! YES!" She screams. The large claw mark on her face instantly starts to flow out blood. It ran out all down her face. She just kept smiling and feeling the wounds. Just the sight of blood alone was enought to get me excited. the janitor and the teacher comes running back to where we are.

"Oh my god!" The teacher yells. "You're in alot of trouble Damien!"

"Oh my god." He kept saying. "You could go to jail for a long time!"

"Yeah, if I wanted to press charges." Jess said "Which I don't! Damien, can you do it again?"

"NO!" The teacher yells. "Jess, You're mom warned me about you getting hurt! We have to take her to first aid right away! You're in big trouble Damien! I'm calling your mother right away!"

So he does, and I walk to the pick up/drop off area to wait for my mom. She picks me up. We start to drive.

"Damien, I'm very disappointed in you."

"What did I do wrong?"

"What did you do wrong! You slashed a girl across the face with a rake!"


"So! She could have been seriously injured!"

"I think she would want that."

"Who on earth would want something like that happen to them?"

"She would. She's a masochist."

"That doesn't make it right."

"Well excuse me for wanting to make someone happy."

My mom sighs.

"Damien, I do want you to make people happy, but not in that way. I can tell you that her parents would not be happy about this."


So we drive home, and my mom drops me off. She drives back to work. I make myself some lunch and lay on my bed. I put in another one of my favorite films, Jackass the movie. I watch it, then turn on some regular TV until my mom comes home. She walks by my room.

"Damien, if you're going back tommorow, I want you to stay away from that Jess girl."

"I'm not making any promises."

"Look, just promise me you won't hurt her."

"I will try and tone it down just a tad. JUST...a tad."

"It's a start." My mom says sarcastically as she walks away. After a few hours of TV, I hear my mom preparing dinner. She brings it to me, I eat it, and the whole routine starts again.

The next morning I do the whole morning routine again, and we get into the car, and my mom drops me off at the park for a third time. I go to the camp and stand next to Jess. She looks at me, and I see the big claw mark scars on her cheek. It looks awesome. The teacher walks by.

"Whoa whoa whoa, I don't think you two should be next to each other."

"Piss off old man." I say.

"And Jess, your parents were not happy about this."

"So what? I'm happy! I the scars look cool!"

"There's no arguing with that." I say.

"Damien, just don't hurt her."

"Fine, I will not not hurt her." I said which made Jess smile.

"Whatever." The teacher says. "Today we are going to learn how to communicate with people. I will hand you each a clipboard with a few papers of surveys attached. You are to walk with a partner throughout the park and survey people with questions about the park."

He hands us all clip boards with paper, and Jess and I walk into the park. We don't actually do what we are told, we just walk around. After a bit, I hit her over the head with the clip board. We both laugh.

"Damn. what kind of program is this? It seems like they are forcing us to do cheap child labor for the park. Shouldn't they have people for these things?"

"Apparantly not."

We stand around for a few hours, and hide around from the teacher.

"Say, bitch?"


"How would you like to come over to my place today? I have alot of devices in which you might be interested in."

her big pop eyes widen.

"Oh really? I would love to."

Ha ha ha. Dumb bitch. She doesn't even know what's coming...