So, after the teacher let's us go, me and jess hang out around the pick up area until my mom comes. I walk up to the rolled down passenger window.

"Hey Mom. Can uh...that come over?" I ask.

"Oh Damien...I don't know if that is such a good idea..."

"I promise I won't maim her..." I say.

"Well I suppose it's okay if you don't hurt her. But your friends called and they said they were coming over."

Oh yes. My friends. They were four guys who's names are not important. They are all sadists just like me. And sort of resemble me too. They are the toughest guys I know. They have a lot of weapons and torture items.

"It'll be fine. We'll all get along great."

"Well then I guess she can come."

I get in the front seat while Jess gets in one of the back seats. We drive to the house, and we all get out and go inside.

"Do you want anything Jess?" My mom asks.

"That's not nessesary." I say. Jess and I go to my room.

"So...where are these special items?"

"Bitch, just wait a moment."

I show her my whips, and chains. She get's all excited.

"Why don't we try them out?" she asks me.

"Bitch. I thought you would never ask."

So, she undresses and to my surprise she is wearing black leather bra and panties.

"You really dress for this don't you?" I ask.

"You know it."

I hand cuff her arms to the bed, so she is facing the bed laying down on her stomach then take off my shirt. I then put on a black mask.

"You are my prisoner. You are my bitch."

I then whip her. She yells out in pleasure.

"That's right. Take it, slave!"

"I've been a bad girl!"

"Yes you HAVE!" I say whipping her hard. I then take off my belt, and leap on to her. I whip her back with my belt over an over. God is this pleasurable for me!

Then my bedroom door opens. It's my mom. She has a shocked look on her face and covers her mouth. She then closes the door.

I then proceed to whip her again and again. Then I pull down her panties, and I pull down my pants, and I do her, right in the ass. I keep hitting her over an over faster and faster, until we climax and I stop. I then Un cuff her, and I lay on the bed. She then cuddles up next to me. I claw in to her as she does.

Then I wake up to the sounds of my friends coming in the room.

"Who's this bitch?"

"She's cool." I say.

"What's uh...that's name?"


Jess wakes up.

"Who are they?"

"Who are you, bitch?"

"Ignore them."

"Come on, let's go."

"Go where?" I ask.


I look at Jess.

"I think it is time for you to leave." I tell Jess.

"I can't come with you guys?"

All my friends look at each other then look back at her.


I sigh.

"Yeah. You have to leave. You couldn't handle what we do. There are things you wouldn't understand."


"Yeah, and I probably am not going to show up tommorow."

"Oh...I see."

Jess then gets up as I do too. she puts back on her clothes but before she leaves, she kisses me on the cheek. She then leaves my house.

"Let's roll." I say putting my shirt back on. We leave the house and get into their truck.

For certain reasons, I shouldn't go into too much detail of what we did. If They find out I squealed in this writing, they will probably kill me. However, I will say that we basically went around town commiting sadistic crimes of sadism. Just mindless destruction. And as tradition, I usually stay over with my friends.

The next day I don't go to the program, infact I just spend the whole day commiting these "acts" until night. When I am dropped off at home, my mom is their to greet me. She hugs me and says how much she worries about me when I leave.

So, the next day my mom drops me off. I go to the camp site to find it...completely empty. I am a little intrigued. So, I hang out at the park, ride all the roller coasters and such. It is late after noon when I come back to the site. The sun is going down. I see all the kids sitting around, looking scared. The teacher is nowhere to be found. I see Jess and she sees me. She runs up to me, and hugs me tight.

"Oh Damien!" she says.

"What is it?"

"The...the teacher...he...and janitor...he...he.." Jess said with tears running down her face.

"Spit it out"

"They raped us! All of us!"


Now among the logic you may be thinking. This is pretty fucked up ain't it? Well, as she tells me this entire program was a ruse so that the teacher and the janitor could rape the kids. Rape is disgusting. Even I did a little physical harm myself with the belt to jess, but to assult because you are pedofile is disgusting. I grew red with anger. I then take out my cellphone and press a button which speed dials a special phone my friends own. when is rings, it's game on. They know exactly what to bring and what to do.

"Follow me Jess." I say grabbing her arm. She I lead her to the pick up spot where my friends are there, in the truck. They hand me a katana.

"Jess." I say. "You get and stay in the truck. Do not come for me. Stay her no matter what people say."

Jess does as she is told. Me and my friends with our weapons walk up to the camp site. The teacher and janitor is there.

"Oh hello Damien." He says. I swing my Katana as hard as I can across his chest. he fall back all the way to the ground and screams. My friends then stab him to death. The janitor reacts with fear and tries to run, But I chase him and stab him all the way through the back. After we are done, all of us get back in the truck. I get in the back with Jess. I put my arm around her. We then drive.

Where do we go? Away from here. The cops never found us. We got rid of our finger prints. He headed toward nevada where we were to start our new lives, all of us. My mom must be worried sick. We start new lives, get new identites, and live our lives. I do I regret it? No. That fucker had it coming.

So, what happened in the end? well, all of us excluding Jess became casino bouncers, taking care of all the frauds and cheats. And soon, I married Jess. We had one of those little wedding chapel casino weddings. It was quiet and simple. But we had one hell of a honey moon.

So will I ever go back to visit my mom? Perhaps in time, but not for many years. It would have to be when we get older. So, goodbuy reader of this writing. I do not know if there will be any other entries. Peace.