Teaser trailer #1:Talia

Talia drew her sword.

If she was scared, terrified or even minorly intimidated, she definitely didn't show it.

For her, this was all a game, and in her eyes, she was the coach.

She didn't have a shield, to her a shield was like training wheels, and training wheels were for beginners, amateurs, even.

She was definitely no amateur.

This group of Hell hounds would soon be dust beneath her feet, and then she would be able to move on in her journey.

She blew at her side fringe, and she turned to the growling creatures, er pin straight brown hair swaying in it's high ponytail.

They bared their ugly fangs and claws, hoping to threaten her, but she didn't even look scared.

"You wanna play?" she slashed her sword through the air in a spinning motion, a glint in her bright blue eyes, "Game on."

A/N: Okay, that was teaser trailer number one.

I know it was short, but it was only a teaser, so don't get your panties in a knot, or a pretzel.

I don't know that saying very well.

Anyway, who do you think should go next?