Crouching on the ground,

I will not make a sound.

I clutch my fingers

As the ache still lingers.

Accusations fly through my head.

I clench my teeth and wish I were dead.

Living on is too much of a burden.

I will never be heard and

No one here really cares about me.

I have gone so blind with sadness I can no longer see.

Curling up on my side,

I am falling apart from the inside.

Words sear themselves in my brain.

I can no longer claim

I am healthy, I am whole

When I'm so obviously missing a part of my soul.

I cannot go on.

I will not move on.

I cannot let go

So I will never know

Another day after today.

This will be where I shall forever lay.

I will not make another peep

As I lie here in eternal sleep.