I was asked me to come in today to talk about an issue that is affecting a lot of adolescent girls. Anorexia. Most of you don't know who I am...but my name is Nina Martin and I am sixteen years old. I suffer from anorexia. You may look at me and think...I can't have that because I am a healthy weight. And you're right. I am a healthy weight. But I haven't always been. And...Anorexia is not something that just goes away when the weight is put back on. Every meal is a war and every mouthful is a battle. I was in a vulnerable position, I lost my parents young, I was raised by my gran, then I came here...I was alone and scared and out of my depth. Then I got pregnant. Had an abortion. It destroyed me to do that...that was when I started to hate myself. I started to self harm...because it took the pain away. But I went too far...nearly died. My housemother Trudie, she started watching me more closely after that. I couldn't do it anymore. So I had to find another way to be in control. That way was food. I could control what I ate, how much I ate. It became an obsession. Then one of my housemates called me fat. You know, in that jokey way, when you've had more breakfast than anyone else? Some of you have probably said it, some of you will have been told it...some of you will have sat there and said nothing while someone else at the table said it, some of you will have laughed when it was said. It destroyed me. What I saw when I looked in the mirror was not what everyone else saw. Because I saw a fat, ugly teenage girl. Never call a girl fat. Even if you don't like her, even if she's not your friend, even if she's not pretty, even if she isn't a nice person...even if she is fat. Don't ever make someone feel insecure and self conscious just because you want to make yourself feel better. Anorexia is on the increase in this country. So are other eating disorders, and self harm. Because teenage girls hate themselves. I'm sure every one of you has something you don't like about yourself...it might be your weight, your hair, your skin...whatever it is, it isn't a problem. Every single girl in this room is beautiful. And you should love yourselves. If you don't love yourself, how can someone else love you? Girls do not just decide to hate their bodies. Society teaches them to. Maybe it's time to teach something else.