Fighting For Peace

**This Story is based In The Not To Distance Future**

We had just landed by helicopter three clicks away from the target, a Russian gunnery sergeant, Sgt Andrick. There was bush and snow all around us. Mountains to the right of us and a large gully to the left. It was dusk when we got there in mid-winter. There were four of us; Garry, Buck, John and I. My name is commander Sutton, Markus Sutton. I am the team leader for team eagle, Garry is our sniper and second in command, Buck is our heavy weapons specialist, and John is our intelligence and medical officer. Our mission is to take out Sgt Andrick. His mission is to launch a full-scale nuclear warhead into the Australian city of Perth.

"Ok boys!" I shouted over the roar of the copper as it flew away, "We will set up camp here for tonight and then set out first thing in the morning. It is almost dusk and we don't want to be out in the freezing snow at night."

Then I gave a direction of orders for the troops to follow so we got camp set up while we still had light. "Garry, you're on fire duty. Buck, rustle up some dinner in the bush. John start setting up our swags, while I will be on first watch."

Half an hour had past when I saw two Russian's armed with AK-47's with a silenced 9mm pistol as a side arm. I slowing climb down the dark brown tree I'm in and pull out my knife.

"Fuck, what do I do?" I wisped to myself. "Should I go back and get help or do I take they on."

A moment past to think.

"Stuff it I didn't get to being a commander for being a pussy."

As one stood back to take a piss I ran out to him. I grabbed his mouth shout while I slit his throat so he couldn't call out for help. I grab his silenced pistol and shot his mate when he came back to see what was taking so long.

When my 4 hours was up I got Buck to start the next 4-hour look out duty.

It was 6am in the morning when first light hit in Russia that day. We all got up and packed our stuff and set out at half past 6. About an hour into walking up a freezing cold mountain we found a Russian factory designed to make weapons for the Russian soldiers. I turn back to my platoon and ask if they are up to the job. Buck enthusiastically said,

"There's nothing holding me back from blowing up them bloody bastards, that's for sure."

John add, "I'm up for a challenge, what about you Garry?"

"Well that is what I signed up for isn't it?" Garry said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok it's settled, we will take it down. Garry sniper from up here. Buck you're on C4 duty, you know what that means. Now John and I are going to take out as many of these Russian dick heads as possible and draw the fire away from Buck. Ok boys, split."

John and I charged through the front door making a distraction for Buck to come in through the side window. We were out number 1 to 5, but we had something they didn't. A sniper and the best god damn sniper in Australia. The enemy was everywhere.

John turns to me and shouts over the gunfire, "Do you hear music?"

"Yeah I do, its mine! I'm listening to AC/DC on my iPod. We all have our little battle rituals and this is mine."

"You're one crazy ass mother fucker Markus, you know that right?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way." I shouted back while in a haze of bullets flying through the air. After that short conversation in mid-battle we returned the gunfire. The fight continued for about an hour when Buck returned with a smile on his face as if to say "lets blow the roof off this place." We all fell back to the top of the mountain where Garry was snipering. Without any warning Buck flipped the switch and it blow up like a mushroom cloud. The explosion put a fine black soot in the air above out heads.

We continued down the mountain to our next checkpoint arriving 5 hours later. I then asked John to radio in get our next grid reference. Despite our little detour we were ahead by 20 minutes so we decided to have a 20 minute break for lunch. We talked about what our goals in life were when the war was over. Garry had a wife and two kids at home in Perth. Buck's life was the army, his father was in the army and his grandfather was in the army. John wanted to travel the world explore places. But all I wanted was to go back to Brisbane and open up a Café.

After our 20 minute break we started to hike again into a bush covered with ice and snow. We were only one and a half more clicks away from the target. It was gone 3pm when they got to the hill near the valley were the Sgt worked. The warhead was going to be detonated in 17 hours, 8am the next day.

"Ok boys tonight we camp here. The only way to successfully defuse the bomb is to let it launch then deactivate it so it falls to the ground and destroys itself, and I don't mean blow up I mean falls apart. Now boys same jobs as last night. Garry, you're on fire duty. Buck, rustle up some dinner in the village but don't be seen by anyone got it. John start setting up our swags, while I will be on first watch." The boys then set out to do their jobs. I find it easier to control a team when they are all busy with there own little jobs to do.

After a good nights sleep we got up at 5am because the Russians got up at 6. We were cleared out and in position at 5.30am. Garry was one the hill top with his sniper ready to take out Andrick. Buck was one a roof top with is L86 LSW. John was near the power house ready to cut the power to the warhead. And I was trying to cover all of my men. 8am came slowly, but it came and now was the time to shine.

BANG! Andrick fell dead to the fall as soon as he launched the warhead. Garry had shot him. As soon as that happened Buck jumped up and started using his machine gun to slaughter the Russians. John grabbed the main power cable and cut the blue wire. You never cut the red because that's the obvious one to cut he always says. After that was down we had to get the hell out of there we were out number big time, a hole base vs. four Aussie blokes. We all retreated to the hills and to the new EVCA point. There was a chopper ready and waiting to pick us up when the unaccepted happened. A bullet shot John is the head, he died instantly. Even if it didn't kill him he would have died, he was our medic. He was the youngest one out of all of us. Just 22 years old. Then a large Russian man ran out of one of the buildings holding an RPG. He took a deep breath in and shot. The rocket blasted out of the RPG and hit the chopper's back rotter. We when into a tailspin, we were going down. When we hit the ground the explosion was so furious it had killed both pilots. I turned to Garry and said, "We can make it, we always do."

But it was too late for Garry, the side door had jammed into his stomach and he was bleeding everywhere. He had died.

It's been two months since Garry and John died, its just Buck and I now and we have destroyed a lot of the Russians plans in this war in those two long months. Yesterday we high jacked a Russian truck carrying highly explosive nuclear substance called plutonium-239. Plutonium-239 along with plutonium-241 are both fissile, meaning the nuclei of their atoms can split when bombarded by thermal neutrons, releasing energy, gamma radiation and more neutrons. These neutrons can sustain a nuclear chain reaction, leading to applications in nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors. The last thing we want is to have the bloody Russians having nuclear weapons.

"Ok Boss what do we do with this truck?" Buck asked in this big Aussie accent.

"We could blow it up, or we could give it back to them." Responded Markus.

"Give it back to them! What do you mean give it back to them! Are you out of your fucking mind mate?"

"Let me finish Buck. What I mean is if we steal some Russian uniforms, drive the truck up to the centre of where they are meant to be made into the nuclear weapons and blow the truck up. It will blast the place sky high."

"That's one of the greats plans we have ever had Markus."

"Thanks mate. Now we its gone dark so you get some tucker and I will set up camp."

"All right I'm on it."

The next morning we set out to get the uniforms we needed. We went into a small town and found a bar when the local Russian piss pots go to drink. There was bound to be a few Russian soldiers in there having a beer. But when we got in there, there was a bit more then a few. It was an army town. The bar was full of Russian army soldiers.

"Think we can take them all on?" I asked Buck.

"Well you take the left 20, and I will take the right 20." He responded jokingly.

"$50 we beat them all Buck."


"Bar fight!" I yelled as I ran up and punched a soldier in the back of his head.

It was Russians on us, Russians on Russians, Russians on civilians, civilians on civilians; it was an all in brawl. Once I found a Russian that's uniform would fit me I dragged his ass out side and knocked him out. I then took off his uniform and put in over my clothes not knowing if Buck is ok in there. I ran back inside to see my mate and he already had his uniform on but yet he was still in the fight busting up nose.

"What the fuck are you doing come on lets go!" I yelled.

"Oh sorry Markus, I'm coming."

Once we had got out side the bar and started walking away in our new uniforms Buck said, "I over heard someone say there is a POW camp two miles East of here I think we should check it out."

"If they are our men then we will free the lot of them, but if they are the Japs or Germans we aren't doing anything ok."

"Sounds fair to me boss."

"Ok get out your compass and we will go towards East."


After a short compass check we were on our way. We walked up a massive hill and at the bottom was snowy ice fortress.

"Holy shit." I gasped.

There were seven POW's, but they were locked up in animal cages. Two female soldiers and five male soldiers in fact.

"Ok I will get the four on the right side and you get the three on the left side." Said Buck.

"Sure, we will go with that. Oh by the way who made you in charge." I replied.

"No one, its just that there is a good looking chick on the right side."

"Fine. But remember it is a stealth mission ok."

"Got it."

"Ok, go."

I then ran up to the three cages on the left side of the compound and picked the locks. The two men were a team of snipers named Phil and Nick. Phil was a fit bloke with a brown buzz cut for hair. Unlike Nick, now Nick was an unhealthy over weight man but he had an expert shot on the sniper rifle. The other woman who was on the left side was named Dani. Dani was an intelligence office. She was smart, cunning and also good-looking with brown hair and an amazing smile.

Once Buck had come back with the other four we spilt into two teams, me, Phil, Nick, and Dani, and Buck and his four that he rescued.

"Ok my team, we break into the office and steal every little important piece of information we can." I ordered "Buck's team you steal some weapons and start a fire fight."

I got a mixture of ok's and yes sirs. We all split and did our jobs. Phil picked the lock with a bobby pin he found on the ground a few weeks earlier. Phil walked in followed by Nick, Dani then me. Nick found a filing cabinet full of plans and other related attacks. After we stole most of the important files and other documents we grabbed guns and joined the firefight out side.

I ran over to Buck and asked, "So that girl you said was good looking you getting anywhere with her?"

Buck looked at me with a rage in his eyes and stiffly said, "She's a man."

I instantly pissed myself laughing even though we were in a battle. All of a sudden Nick fell dead, he had been shot with an AK-47 to the chest about half a dozen times. Buck had three C4's left over from previous battles so he ran around the perimeter of the fortress and planted them evenly spaced apart. With that same crazy fucking smile he blow it up. The fire melted the ice and what didn't melt exploded. We retreated to the hills and after about 6 km West of the POW camp they used a radio that they stole to call in a chopper.

19 hours later the chopper finally arrived at the LZ point, we gave the plans to the Polite who was on board and then the other two soldiers hopped on board to escort the plans back to base in Perth, Australia. We walked back into town and Dani hotwired a car for us to drive back to where we had pitched our tents the night before. "Listen up guys, this is the plan for tomorrow. We wear these uniforms and drive that Plutonium into the factory where it's meant to go. Buck will be in charge for blowing the fucking out of it, Phil you will be snipering from the high ground and me and Dani will be driving the truck and getting past the front gate. Any questions?" I told my troops with an enthusiastic tone in my voice.

"Yeah boss I got one, how will I get in?" Buck asked.

"You will be riding shot gun with a highly explosive nuclear substance, got a problem with it?"

"No sir."

"Ok good everyone get some rest we have a big day ahead of us."

The next morning we all boarded into the truck and drove to the weapons factory but before we got there we ditched Phil down the road near a building he could sniper from. We drove in without a problem until they asked to open up the back. The Russian officer walked briskly to the back of the truck, he opened it up and climbed in the back. Buck was hiding behind a create of the Plutonium. Buck jumped out with his knife and yelled, "Up ours asshole!" and slit his throat. Now that the Russians were alarmed about us we hightailed it to the centre of the factory running over Russians as we went. Dani jumped from the moving truck as we pulled up and started shooting. Phil was covering us so that was all good. We were out numbered a lot this time so we decided to fall back. We got to the front gate and realised that the Plutonium hadn't been detonated so Buck grabbed a frag and throw it as far as he could. The frag rebounded off a wall and next to the truck. It went off and I mean went off. The whole place went up because of the Plutonium. Once we had done that we new it wouldn't be long until reinforcements would come to the factory so ran and ran and ran.

It wasn't long until they came out, about an hour to be exact. Tanks came rolling in, coppers were flying over, and soldiers were out looking for us. I just realised something, war isn't good. The sight of the gun shells, landmines exploding, bullets flying, bombs dropping, planes crashing and most of all the men and women dying. It is just awful. The smell of the rotting carcasses. The smoke from the guns and bombs. The smell of the men who haven't had a bath in months because they are to busy laying down their lives. The smell of the jet fuel above the our heads. The sound of the bullets exploding as they leave the barrel of the gun. The sound of the bombs that are dropping on us. The sound of the whistling that the missiles make when flying at our planes and other vehicles. The feel of the lead bullets piecing though the skin and blasting away the flesh. The feel of the cold metal trigger on the gun. The feel of the grenade as the solider rips the pin out and throws it away. The sound of the clattering of the machine gun turrets when they shoot down vehicles and men. The worst feeling that there is the one how the solider has to take away someone else's life away from them. Once you kill someone they are gone for good, and there's nothing they can do about it. The solider must live with that one feeling forever. The tastes of the soldiers dry mouth because of lack of food and water. The taste of the lead in the air from all the bullets flying. I hate war. I made up my mind just then and there that I am getting on the next fishing boat out of Russia and I'm going back home to open my café in Brisbane just like I wanted too. I might even take Dani with me.

"Fuck there coming" said Buck.

"No shit dickhead of course they are. We just blow up one of the Russians most important weapon factories." replied Phil in a sarcastic tone.

"Lock it down, both of you. We have bigger problems to deal with." I interrupted.

Dani looked scared, really scared. I walked over to her and asked,

"What's up, you ok?"

"I can't go back into a camp. They make you do terrible things, they do terrible things to you."

"What did they do to you?"

"Not me just my our team leader Robert. They… they wanted him to kill all the P.O.W's in the camp with a machete." She said. "He refused so they took the machete and cut off his arms and then they …" she started to cry. "They throw him into an ice cold river and watched him drown."

They started to run at us, we had dropped our guns so we could run faster, now we couldn't fight back. They took us to the P.O.W camp were we had just broken out of a few days earlier. There were two cages, Phil and Buck in one and Dani and I in the other.

Buck and I have been best friends for years. If I know him, which I do, he will be working on an escape plan as we speak. I walk over to Dani who is crying in the corner and try to comfort her. I put my arm around her shoulder and tell her, "It's going to be okay, I promise."

She replies with a sniff and a smile of closure.

I lean in for a quick kiss on the cheek but she doesn't hesitate to pull my face onto her lips. Before we can go any feather we hear a click. I look up to see Buck with a smile on his face and a gun in his arm. "Sorry to kill the mood love birds but there is a war going on." He said with his big Aussie accent.

"Thanks dick head, first kiss since the war and you come in and ruin it." I replied in a joking manner. "So how did you break out?" I asked.

"Same way as in Afghan. You put your figure down your throat and be sick, dumbass guard comes over opens up the door, then you run at him tackle him to the ground grab his gun and shot him. Easy as a game of footy."

"Okay well lets move out."

Buck leads the way with he gun in his hand, then Dani, then me, then Phil at the back. When Buck told us "Look there is a tank about 50 metres away."

"Well that's where we are headed then." I said.

We started to sprint when a loud bullet shot sounded from the watchtower. Phil hit the ground with blood dripping down his neck from where the bullet had shot his forehead. We bolted to the tank leaving him behind. It sounds cruel but he was dead and we couldn't just take him with us. We started to return fire with Bucks gun while we were running hard out to the tank. Dani jumped on the gun and started to fire back and fuck she had a good shot. I yell out to Buck, who is about 5 metres away still returning fire, "Fuck you dickhead get in the tank!"

He yelled back "Gotcha boss!"

Once we where all in the tank Buck grabbed the gun off Dani, Dani got on the GSP and started to find out where we were going and I grabbed the wheel and started to ram the hell out of buildings.

It wasn't long until we were out of the camp, well what was left of it, and onto a hidden track in the snowy bush heading out of Russia and into Mongolia. The plan was to head down from Mongolia into China, China to Taiwan, Taiwan to Philippians, Philippians to Indonesia and then from Indonesia to Queensland.

Once we hit the about 2km's from Mongolia we ditched the tank and I stole a car and we all got in. After about of week of driving we hit a little fishing town in China.

"How are we meant to steal a boat here? They are being used twenty four seven and we are not killing innocent people." Buck asked me.

Before I answered Dani butted in, "Don't send a man to do a woman's job."

As soon as she said that she walked over, swaying her hips, to an elderly man. After a short conversation and a kiss on the check she came back and said, "Its all set, we leave for Taiwan tonight at 8pm. But in the mean time we should get something to eat."

"You're right we should get something in our system before the boat right."

Later that night we met the man and he took us to Taiwan, but halfway there we were boarded by pirates. There were two of them so we could easily have taken them. The old man said, "They have been making me give them half of my fish and selling it to the markets for double the money, please help me."

"We swear on our lives that we would help anyone in need, and you're a person in need. We will help you." I replied.

One pirate come over to me and said "And who might you be white boy?"

"I'm a fucking living hell you Asian bastard."

He took a swing at me but I dodged it. I grabbed his arm and put him in a chicken wing hold. The other pirate came over to help his mate, but so did mine. Buck came racing over and jumped on the pirate in the chicken wing snapping his arm. We took a quick smile before turning around and snapping the other ones neck.

"Now what do we do with them?" Buck asked.

"Ever heard the saying man over board?"

"See this is why your commander." Buck said happily.

We grabbed the man and throw them into the Indian Ocean.

The old man walked over to us and asked, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Well you could take us to the top of Australia." I then said.

"It is done. We will set sail to Australia at first light."

After two more weeks sailing we finally arrived at cape york, the top of Queensland. Now we are home to the lucky land.

**The End**