A Stormy Sky at Night

The wind whistled wildly
Moonlight lit the ground
Rumbling, banging, growling
It was a terrible sound

The moon, the Earth's lantern
Glowing in the sky
Watching the light dancing around
reflecting in my eyes

The thunder are the cymbals
Clashing in the sky
I can sense the moving storm
As is struts proudly by

The lightning is the knife
As it slices through the clouds
I wanted to go outside
With the lightning big and proud

The pitter patter of raindrops
They got trapped in the gutter
Swishing, swirling, singing
The water began to flitter and flutter

The clouds as grey as marble
And yet as cold too
Blanketing the night sky
To hide the lightning before it's due

The trees were rattled sideways
Begging for mercy as they bowed
The wind seemed to torment them
It's laughter big and loud

More lightning and more thunder
Challenged the wind and pouring rain
In a battle of natural power
Right outside my window pane

The temperature dropped suddenly
A shiver traced my spine
Another flash of lightning struck
Splitting the sky with its crooked line

I clutched my blankets around me
The warmth caressed my chest
As I saw dead leaves and sticks fly by
Remaining inside would be best

Though the stormy sky at night
May be scary for one as young as I
The behaviour of Mother Nature's ways
Is the rain her children's cries?

To have a mother a strict as her
The thunder her yelling voice
Even trees who stand strong and tall
Cower at the noise

The lightning disappeared
The thundering has ceased
The wind now is no more
Mother Nature is back at peace