Deadly Tease

I have seen unspeakable things in my life but staring Death in the face tops the list. There he was, outside my bedroom window on the second floor glaring at me. His bony face surveyed me and his eyeballs moved from side to side. I clutched my blankets to my chest and trembled in shock at the sight of the Grim Reaper. He smiled mockingly and slowly beckoned me towards him with the come-hither motion of his skeletal finger. A blast of cold wind whipped my face and the curtains flapped even though my window was shut. The window panes rattled and the glass cracked but did not smash. I screamed and kicked the blankets away from me before bolting towards the door. The Grim Reaper let out a deep baritone laugh that followed me down the hallway and sent chills down my spine. The lights flickered on and off, causing me to slam into a few of my walls. Fear bubbled up and goose bumps formed on my skin as I headed down the stairs.

I reached the ground floor and screamed at the black figure in front of me and stumble backwards against the stairs and held my breath. I exhaled a shaky breath in relief as I realised that it was my shadow from the flickering lights. I got to my feet but my legs protested when I tried to move and placed my hands on the wall to steady myself. The Grim Reaper slowly drifted past the kitchen window and I saw it make its way around to the front door. My heart jumped up to my throat as I dashed to the door and locked it. I rested my forehead against the chipped cold wood and took deep breaths. The sweat dripped down my face and then I felt the door move with a sharp jolt and it thumped against my head. I cried out in pain and shock as the door shook, I knew the Grim Reaper was trying to get through. There was a pause and then he attempted to get through again with even more vigour that the door was almost shaken off its hinges. I stepped backwards and reached for the telephone and went to dial for help but my heart dropped from my throat and down into my stomach as the dial tone flat-lined in my ear. Tears welled in my eyes at the lost of hope when I heard the unmistakable sound of the door being unlocked and I slowly turned around. My front door creaked open painfully slow and the Reaper stood there taunting me and slowly chuckled. His empty chest swelled up with each sound and I noticed his scythe still in the lock of my door.

I screamed loudly as he yanked his scythe out of the lock and made his way towards me. I threw a nearby vase at him and it went straight through his body and smashed into the wall. He turned around and looked at the mess on the floor. When he returned his ghastly gaze at he me cocked his head to the side and wagged an index finger at me menacingly accompanied with a slow shake of his head. Both of his deathly hands held onto the long black handle of his weapon and glided towards me. I could hear his hollow breathing as it echoed through the house. My feet were frozen on the spot and all I could do was stare up at him as he approached. He raised his scythe above his head, his permanent grin exposed by non-existent lips seemed to spread even more. I trembled as if an earthquake had attacked my house and he swung the scythe down. I dodged it at the last possible second and his scythe got lodged in my wooden floor. He stared at me in frustration as I ran away to the back of my house. He roared in anger and I heard the blade of the scythe dislodge from the floor and the light bulbs burst and I cried as I stood on glass shards. I felt around the walls and opened the door to the bathroom. I risked a glance behind me and I saw the Grim Reaper float effortlessly around the corner just as I squeezed through the door.

I shut the door and cowered in the shadows between the basin and the bath. The cold ceramic kissed my skin but the adrenaline that surged through me made it un-noticeable. I saw mist appear through the crack between the floor and the bottom of the door. His haunted breathing reached my ears and then he huffed. The taps creaked and suddenly water gushed out into both the bath and the basin. I squealed and rushed to turn them off but no matter how much I turned or whatever direction the water refused to cease its flow. I slipped on the wet floor and whacked my head on the edge of the bath. The room swirled around and rocked around like a ship in a bad storm. I held onto the basin and looked into the mirror. I felt my heart stop as I saw Death behind me in the mirror. The glass cracked in the centre and webbed outwards until the mirror was a complete mess. The mirror exploded and glass shards flew towards me and I shielded my face with my arms and slipped backwards. I felt my back hit something solid and silky. Twirling around I gasped as Death towered over me. He bent down and came face to face with me. His hands grabbed my upper arms and lifted me off the floor. I screamed and kicked my legs around as his touch was like burning ice. He said my name over and over in a husky voice. I opened my eyes and sat up in bed beaded with sweat. I cried in relief from the nightmare and hugged myself tightly.