Harem Wars

On a Planet where the women outnumber the men 12 to 1, a refugee Earthman arrives with his wife and teenageā€¦ daughter. Here he is required by law, to add 11 more wives to his family.

Harem Wars

By MrBillyD


In the Marlette family's 25th floor Manhattan apartment, the flat screen TV was on, tuned to the Network Evening News. 42 year old Steven Marlette sat on the sofa watching. He was a member of the executive committee of a Christian Layman's organization named Sword of the Spirit, a Christian Layman's organization, working to have voluntary prayer restored to the City's Schools.

He'd often said, "Wherever God isn't wanted, the Devil rushes in bringing all the evil that he can along with him. That's what's happened to our Schools. They have become very dangerous places, where we are required by law to send our children."

His blonde, 38 year old wife Abigail agreed with him. She worked as a Guidance Counselor at a local City High School, where she'd been warned to stop quoting the Bible to the students she was trying to help. This eveing she sat beside her husband on the sofa, watching the News.

Their 16 year old blonde daughter Elaine laid stretched out on the floor in front of them, watching the Interplanetary News, along with News from here on Earth, including International and National News Report.

They watched a report covering the discovery of an abandoned, underground City, about 30 miles north of the oldest Settlement on the Planet Mars. Another report, from a different solar system, covered the Annual Human Sacrifice Celebrations on the Planet Mortenada. Here on Earth an International Report contained the words "...crisis in the Middle East."

Then there was a National Report, concerning a meeting that had taken place at the Justice Department; between the Attorney General and the Leadership of the A.C.L.U. The screen showed the Attorney General standing beside the Head of that Organization.

Inside their living room, Steve, Abigail and Elaine Marlette became tense.

Steve told them, "Here it comes."

The Attorney General declared, "I am pleased to announce that full authority to enforce the Anti-Religious Discrimination Act, has been given to the A.C.L.U. This Organization is now designated as an Official Federal Law Enforcement Agency."

Steven Marlette told his family, "We can't stay here any longer. We'll be in too much personal danger."

His wife Abigail asked, "Too much personal danger? From the A.C.L.U.?"

Steve, said, "'A.C.L.U.' stands for 'Anti-Christian Litigators Union'. They've just been granted legal authority to personally hunt down every one who calls himself or herself a Christian."

Their daughter Elaine gasped.

He continued, "They're planning to start hunting us down, beginning tomorrow morning."

Abigail repeated, "'Hunting us down?"

"That's right, so we have to get out of here and be on the next flight out, before sunrise tomorrow."

"The next flight to where?"

"The Planet Mortenada."

Elaine, who was stretched out with her face toward the screen and her legs toward the sofa, looked back at her father.

She exclaimed, "You're kidding?" Then she jumped to her feet, facing him.

Her mother asked, "Are you serious?"

"We were told this was gonna happen," Steve told them, "but we weren't sure when. I got us tickets several months ago and confirmed the reservations as soon as I heard about this, this afternoon. We're scheduled to be departing on tonight's midnight flight to the Planet Mortenada."

"Mortenada?" Abigail asked, "The planet that's ruled by headhunters; where they engage in cannibalism, ritual warfare and you just saw that report about human sacrifices."

Steve said, "It's a planet where they don't engage in religious persecution, not even of Christians."

"That's not what I've heard. What I know is what I just saw on the News. They worship idols with human sacrifices, and we'd be compelled to take part."

"I'm sure that what we just saw was distorted. Even if it wasn't, I'm sure that the Lord will protect us."

"Steve, you're not sure." said his wife. "That's probably the same thing that Lot said, before he went to live among the people of Sodom and Gomorrah; and the Lord destroyed both cities with fire and brimstone."

"But not before Lot heeded the Lord's warning and escaped. That's the same thing we're going to be doing, instead of being arrested and sent to death camps, run by the A.C.L.U."

"Steve. Don't exaggerate." She asked, "Do you remember what happened to Lot after he fled the destruction?"

"His wife looked back and became a pillar of salt."

"And after that, both his daughters got him drunk and fkd him, and they each had a child by him."

Elaine said, "I'm not gonna turn into a pervert Mom. When I do start fking, there won't be any kinks in my screws."

Now her father spoke to the girl. "What do you mean when you start fucking? I thought you were already sexually active."

"Oh I am." she assured him. "I meant 'start again', after we get to Mortenada." The girl smiled. "I was sexually active at my Sweet Sixteen party Dad. That's when every girl's supposed to fk. On that night, it's never wrong, and that night I got fkd right, by a guy who was right."

Now her mother said, "That wasn't the only time she's fkd Steve."

"That's true." His daughter told him, "I've fkd boys at other girl's sweet sixteen parties too. That's when it's never wrong for anyone who attends. Mom told me she did the same things when she turned sweet sixteen."

"Right," said her mother, "and I was also a cheerleader. We were known as 'pom-pom pumping pussies'; and a few of the guys on the team fkd every one of us;" She looked at her daughter, "But I didn't pretend that it wasn't wrong."

"I know I shouldn't," Elaine admitted, "but it's one way to keep from being hunted down for being a Christian."

"Hold it!" Steve told them, "We'll discuss this later. What we should be doing now is packing as much as we can into our suitcases, and getting to the Aerospaceport as quick as possible."

Two hours later, the entire passenger check-in lounge at the Aerospaceport was jammed with people. About one third of them had seen the News Report about the Anti-Christian Litigation Union, and trying to get on the next flight going anywhere. The Marlettes stood in line, under the glaring florescent lights, dressed in overcoats and holding their heavy luggage, while waiting to check-in on tonight's Earth to Mortenada flight.

After almost an hour on line, they finally reached the counter. Steve handed their tickets and legal documents to the clerk.

"I'm sorry sir." The man told him, "This flight is totally booked."

Steve, looked back at his wife and daughter, who look horrified.

"But the A.C.L.U. Dad." Elaine sounded frightened. "They'll send us to death camps."

Her father told the Clerk. "But our seats are confirmed."

"I'm sorry sir. We were overbooked. If you'd arrived earlier things might have been different."


"Steve." Abigail spoke. "Ask him if there's anything else available."

He told the Clerk, "You heard her. Is there anything else? Going anywhere?"

"Well there are more than a dozen unbooked seats, on the next Inter-Solar System flight, to the Planet Pandora."

"Pandora?" He looked back at Abigail and Elaine.

His wife asked the Clerk, "Isn't that the Planet where they have a major gender imbalance?"

Elaine asked her mother, "'Gender imbalance?"

The woman nodded. "On Pandora, the women outnumber the men by 12 to 1."

The girl couldn't help laughing.

Her mother asked the Clerk, "Isn't there any place else?"

"I'm sorry. Not on our schedule."

Her husband said to her, "I've heard that it's another place with headhunters and cannibals, along with Clan and Harem Warfare; but they also have true religious freedom and a very strong Christian Community; and no death camps for Christians."

Elaine said, "But I won't be getting fkd again, until my wedding night; if I ever have one."