Dear Cupid, the next time – could you please shoot both of us?
- Anonymous


This isn't happening. No, no, no…in a minute I'll wake up and find that it was all a really bad dream. Oh, god…I can't breathe. What am I going to do?

I feel utterly pathetic right now. I'm the only one who doesn't have a date to her best friend's engagement party. Of course, my best friend didn't see a problem with that. She thought I might just find the love of my life in her freaking engagement party. Who was she kidding? None of the guys would be available. I mean her fiancé is four years ahead of us…that makes him, umm…twenty-seven now. Yikes! I cannot believe it. Larry will get married in a couple of years. And I don't even have a boyfriend! When did I become so pathetic?

I just finished my masters in Mass Communication and Journalism, and came down to Kolkata from Mumbai. I am beginning to think that was the first mistake I made. I'd forsaken the land where the place had been crawling with men… Okay, maybe the guys would've been complete douche bags but at least there were some guys around. Unlike here: in my hometown. I'd been home for almost two weeks now and did I score a single date? No.

I have a pathetic job at an ad agency. I'm a junior copywriter. So I get myself wrung out for ideas every single day. And guess who gets the credit for all the work I do? My group leader. And actually, I'd have happily dated him had he not turned to be one of those bastards who can never stick to one woman. What is with guys and being able to charm a hell lot of women anyway?

But back to my current problem: how do I get a date in time for Larry's engagement party. When I'd spoken of my fears to Larry, she'd smiled and said, "Relax, MM. the engagement party is not till December. I think you'll manage to find a date by then. It's just July now."

Easy for her to say! Larry has already signed her life away to the chocolate brown eyed love of her love, Tanveer Bhattacharya. She always has someone for company. But sometimes, Veer works late hours and poor Larry is alone – not! She's either blogging or reading or just writing yet another freelance article.

Like me, Larry has just finished university. She's all set to join the family business but she doesn't begin her training till next month. Between college and work, she decided to take a month off and indulge in certain things. Like her all time favorite hobby: writing. I didn't want a break month because; it's quite frustrating to be me. I barely have friends in Kolkata. In fact, Larry is pretty much the only friend I have here. And thanks to her relationship she sometimes struggles to fit me into her schedule.

"Okay, I've five months before the D-day," I told my reflection, standing in front of my dressing table, "I've got to find my Prince Charming."

I'd stuck a huge calendar on the wall of my room, crossing out days as they passed. It meant that I was slowly running out of time to find someone. Cupid and I had been enemies since the day I was born. All through school all my crushes had had other lover interests or worse, girlfriends. I knew I couldn't count on him even now. When I'd plunged headfirst into the real world…so, I just decided to take matters into my own hand.

I didn't know whether my plan would work. But I knew it was worth a shot.

Author's Note: Some of you may not know this, but on this site I had a story called "The Strange Proposal". The long and short of it all was that childhood best friends become lovers. This story is a sequel of sorts to that one because it stars, Larissa Jasmine Chakroborty's best friend, Meghan Mukherjee in the lead. It's okay if you've not read that story because...this story can be read independently. :) I just hope you like this story as much as you loved the previous story. It went on to hit the Indian market under the name "The Secret Proposal". So thanks a lot for your love and support guys.