Chapter 1.


"Rebekah, school!" I shouted up the stairs at my sullen teenage daughter.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" She yelled back.

I swear she was getting more moody lately. She probably missed her mother. Rebekah's mother had died two years ago and she had never really gotten over it.

"I'm here, what's up?" She asked impaitently leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.

"Go change!" I growled. There was no way I was letting her go to school wearing a skirt that short. She'd have every boy in town sniffing after her.

"Why!?" She complained stamping her foot.

"Rebekah, do not start with me. Put on a reasonable sized skirt or jeans and get in the car or your going to be late." I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration.

She rolled her eyes but made no further arguement. She stormed back up the stairs as I filled my coffee cup to the brim and drank deeply burning my throat as I did so.

"Better?" She twirled around. She changed into a pair of jeans and a fancy top I didn't remember buying.

"Phoebe buy you that?" I asked as we headed out the door. I quickly locked up as she got into the car.

"Yeah! And she said she's gonna take me to that big fashion mall in England! It's the biggest in Europe!" She was gushing on and on. I just tuned her out.

"Please Dad, don't make me go to school! I've got Miss Sullivan first thing and she is such a bitch! I swear she fucking hates me!" She complained.

I rolled my eyes. "Beck, I have to work at the hospital today."

"I can stay at home on my own!" She insisted actually thinking she was gonna get anywhere with this argument.

"The last time I left you home alone you nearly set fire to the whole house." I reminded her. Last month I'd been paged into work and had trusted leaving her home alone. When she'd tried to cook rice she'd walk away why talking on the phone, leaving a tea towel near the open flame causing it to go on fire. If David hadn't walked in we wouldn't have a house to live in.

"But I'm older now! I'm almost sixteen! Or I could stay with Phoebe for the day! Please please please please!" She begged.

"Oh look... Here's your school. Have fun with Miss Sullivan, Beck." I teased as she stared at me as if she been hard-done by.

"You kept me talking so you'd get here before you had to give me an answer! You tricked me!" She accused.

I shrugged. "It's my talent as a father. Your grandma is picking you up after school." I told her as she got out of the car.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes and stalked off.


Another day, teaching teenagers that didn't care. Whoopee, I thought sarcastically as I made my way down the corridor to my class.

"Morning miss!" Aisling Walsh called as I entered the room. That girl had her head so far up my ass it was amazing she couldn't see out my fucking mouth. It wasn't surprising, I'd known her mother at school both bitches.

"Morning Ms Walsh." I motioned for Jack at the back of the class to close the door. I turned away and went to my locker. I heard the door creak open just after the second bell. "Ms Murphy, you're late again."

"Sorry, Ms Sullivan." She said in a fake voice.

I spun around on her. "I'm in no mood for your sarcastic behaviour. Just take your seat and don't talk."

"Ms, that isn't fair_"

"Ms Murphy, do not start with me. Sit up front and don't talk!" I growled fiercely.

She dropped down into the seat and started grumbling as she took out her books.

Aisling started to giggle. "We could use with out your snickering too Ms Walsh."

I earned a smile from Rebekah. Something I'd really ever really gotten. I was glad it didn't have to be one long screaming battle between us.

"Okay, does everyone have your homework done?" I asked as I opened my big teacher's diary.

There was shuffling as they rooted around in their bags and pulled out their story hardbacks. Rebekah didn't make any movement.

"Rebekah? Where's your homework?" I sighed. I had the feeling the good vibe we'd got was suddenly coming to a close.

"I forgot it." She shrugged simply.

"Rebekah Grace Murphy this is the millionth time this month that you haven't handed up any homework assignments! You've got a week lunch time detention and two weeks after school detention!" I didn't want to do it, but seriously? She was gonna waste my time as a teacher I'd waste hers.

"Ms that's soo not fair! You can't do that!" She whined.

"Your lunch time detention starts today!" I growled. My phone started to vibrate. "Sorry girls, my grandma's been sick. I have to take this." I picked up the phone. "Hey Mom, how is she?" I asked slipping out of the classroom and into the hall.

"Nicole Ann-marie Sullivan, please tell me you didn't just call me Mom." My best friend Hailey Redmond hissed down the phone.

"Look I'm sorry. I told them my grandma was sick. Anyway why're you calling I thought you were at fashion week in New York?" Hailey was a fashion designer and a famous one at that.

"I flew back for Ash's big baseball game... We've also managed to set you up with someone..." She sang.

Ash was Hailey's long term boyfriend who was right on the verge of proposing. God she was so lucky.

I groaned. "We've been over this. I don't want to be set up!"

"Oh but he's perfect for you!" She squealed.

I noticed how how she'd said 'perfect for me' instead of perfect.

"Okay Hails, what's wrong with him?" I sighed.

She hesitated. "There's nothing wrong with him!"

"Don't bullshit with me!" I warned her.

"Would you rather be dating Kevin Foley's all your life?"

I considered it. No she was right.I'd dated Kevin for about a month after I moved here when I was seventeen. Then he got one of my 'best friend's' pregnant resulting in Aisling.

"Fine! But this is absolutely the last time your setting me up. Okay?" I growled.

"Okay, yes. Last time. Come to my house straight after school."

"Wait! What's his name?" I asked, but she'd hung up. I groaned as I made my way back to class.

"How's your grandmother miss?" Aisling skwaked. Her voice rubbed me up the wrong way.

"She died." I grumbled. Well it wasn't a jinx, she really was dead.

"Oh miss I'm_"

"Oh shut up Aisling!" Rebekah yelled from the front of the room.

"Rebekah Murphy! Show respect to other other students!" Why did they have to strain my patients?

"I'm sick of the way she is such a suck up!" She shouted.

"That's it Rebekah, I'm calling your father!" I made a note in my teacher's diary.

"Wait no! Please!" She begged.

"Brrrrrrrg, Brrrrrrrrrg, Brrrrrrrrrg'

"Have a good weekend." I dismissed.

Rebekah walked out of the room grumbling and muttering under her breath.

Well this day had gone from bad to worse. First I was being set up and now I had to tell some rich guy that is daughter is a snarky bitch. Well not quiet those words...