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Chapter 1-Escapes and Sorrows

Birds were chirping as they tried to fit through the barred window, little sunlight seeped through the small window; but the sunlight felt amazing on Rain's skin. He smiled; this is one of those rare moments that he would get natural warmth with peace and quiet. Fourteen year old Rain looked around his room; it was a small dark square, and the walls were gray with paint peeling off of it. With a mattress and blanket on the floor to the right, across from that there was a metal door that was locked from the outside. To the left was another door that led to the bathroom that was also gray and dirty. The mirror had a crack in it, and the water was very cold. The bathtub looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a month; Rain was never granted the honor to at least clean his room by himself. Everything was cold, the water, the walls, the mattress, even the blanket! Because of this poor environment Rain was living in, he often got sick. The light was never on, because it was broken.

Rain sighed, 'When will I wake up from this nightmare?' he thought. Then, the door opened, Rain's violet-blue eyes widened. The nightmare was back.

Two scientists stood by the door, the one on the right, Dale; he was about 17 years old. He had shoulder length spiky pitch black hair with a hint of blue. He had glasses that hid his crimson-blue eyes, his insanity was present. Just by the way Dale was smiling; you could tell he couldn't wait to experiment on Rain. Dale loathed Rain.

The second scientist's name was Shujaat; he was about 40 years old and had short, messy, brown hair. Shujaat also had amber eyes that looked very sad.

Dale grabbed Rain roughly hard enough to leave bruises and dragged him to a white room that had a metal bed with strong black and white restraints that only someone inhuman was strong enough to break through. Dale shoved Rain onto the bed and strapped him down, while Shujaat was filling a shot with some sort of orange liquid.

"Shut up boy! We have a contract, you be our lab rat if we don't harm your family! If you want proof just look at your left hip, it has the contract seal! You belong to Quiorra-samma, Now honor your side of the contract or your family will die!" roared Dale. Rain's struggles seized.

"One day this liquid will give you powers you've never dreamed of. Just wait and this will all be over." Shujaat said quietly. Dale's eyes narrowed 'What the hell is he up to' he thought.

Shujaat injected the orange liquid into Rain's arm and into his blood vessels. The pain from the shot felt like it was tearing his body apart. Then there was a shockwave coming from his body, creating a power outage and destroying the things inside the room, injuring the two scientists. Suddenly Rain's violet-blue eyes turned crimson and he felt extremely powerful. Shujaat's amber eyes widened, 'Amazing! The liquid has worked! Rain's soul wavelength is almost as powerful as Quiorra's' Shujaat thought. Rain broke through the restraints and that was too much for Dale and Shujaat, they were knocked unconscious. Rain ran to his home to warn his family. But when he got home, it was burned to a crisp. The only thing that was left was its black ashes and the cherry tree that has had bloomed.

Quiorra Diablo trembled with anger, he looked around his lab room it was completely destroyed! The metal bed was broken into small pieces; the orange liquid and Shujaat were gone! Almost all of his lab equipment was stolen. The white walls were cracked and had a blood splattered on it, some of it was Rain's and some of it was Dale's or Shujaat's. Quiorra quickly turned around when he heard a groan, Dale was slowly coming back to conscious, he had a broken nose and arm; along with a cut on his forehead deep enough to scar. Quiorra grabbed Dale by the collar roughly "What the hell happened here?!" growled Quiorra.

"Qu-Qu-Quiorra-sama," Dale stuttered. Quiorra punched Dale.

"I said what the hell happened?! Where are Shujaat and Rain? Answer me you useless servant!" Quiorra growled, his orange eyes trembled with anger and Dale's crimson-blue eyes trembled with fear.

"Rain escaped. A-and Shujaat, I-I don't know where he is, a-and the experiment it worked!" Dale said.

"Do you still have the liquid?"

"N-no, Please don't kill me my lord!" Dale pleaded.

A punch hit the man and more blood has been splattered on the walls.

"You fool! How could you let such an important thing like that get away! Go find them, if you can't find Shujaat; go find Rain. Bring him back and take one pint of blood from his body, and then go analyze it, and figure out what was in that liquid. Do whatever it takes to get them! This may be our last chance to overrun the Shinigami Provence!" Quiorra roared.

And with that, Dale was off to find Rain and Shujaat.

Rain was looking around, his family was dead. The corpses looked like they died a while ago, by the fire. The corpses were bony and black, some had hair on it, and some didn't. There was a shine from the ashes, Rain noticed that one of the bodies had a silver heart shaped locket; it was his sister, Summer's, necklace. He had given it for her 9th birthday, a month after he was taken.

Rain opened the locket. It was a picture of Rain and Summer sitting on a branch in a cherry tree that had just bloomed. Rain's snow white hair was down to his shoulders and he was wearing a black V-necked t-shirt with jeans that had a chain hanging from the belt. Next to him was an eight year old Summer that had green eyes with brown hair, she was wearing a blue summer dress with pink flowers and flats. That picture was taken a year before he was taken.

Rain tears threatened to fall, but he would not let them. He could not cry, he wouldn't cry. He knew one of Quiorra's goals was to break his spirit, and he will not let Quiorra win. Quiorra will pay for what he had done.


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