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"Up! Demon! Up!... NOW!"

My ears are still throbbing, but I soon make that vanish out of sheer will power. I do as I'm told and I stand, they say in films at times like this that you rise to your enemy slowly and courteously, so you don't oppose a threat, I thought this would be a situation I wouldn't find myself in so I ignore the warnings of the 70-odd adventure films I have ever seen back on earth and stupidly jump to my feet.

"ach!" To my surprise I'm back to the ground 50 meters back from where I was before. I then figure out I have been punched twice, once in my chest and once in my stomach. I am sat forward on my shins doubled over being sick, when I am dragged to my feet and then to the front of the giant hall, I have been here before but I have never properly looked at it. I ask for permission to look around.

"May I?" my throat manages to croak as I gesture around me at the colossal hall, then I am sick again from the pressure on my throat from talking.

"By all means" the were- lord answers all sunshine and rainbow-y like he hasn't just kidnapped me. I start to walk but then,

"Wait." he shouts.

"Ugh! What now?! Don't think you and your stupid guards have done enough to me yet?" I yell, gesturing as I speak. I then watch the lord curiously waiting to hear his response. Much to my surprise, he doesn't say anything. He just clicks his fingers, and I am punched twice again. Again I fall to the same position as before and am sick again.

"Ok! Quit telling them to punch me. I'm sick of it!" I yell even angrier now, i'm buzzing inside, I going to change - I need to calm down, I can feel the wolf genes coursing through my veins.

"I have three things to say to you, Freak. Number one: before I was just going to tell my guards to secure the doors, so you can't escape from my grasp again. Number two: I hate telling people to hurt others, just as much as you hate getting hit, so behave and you won't get hurt. And number three:" he looks dark and deadly, but continues "If you don't like getting hurt, do something about it! So come on what ya' gonna do to me? Hurt me! Go on! I dare ya'! Get revenge for all those times before - today and four months ago. Go on!", he almost uses a child's challenging, mocking tone, he then gives an evil snare at me, then laughs as if to rehabilitate the ambiance of the room.

I ignore his mockery and slot a snide comment in to save myself from answering
"Do i still get to look 'round? or you gonna get them to beat the crap outta me again?" I gesture towards the guards around me and I laugh momentarily, I think it's hilarious. Not for long though. He jumps elegantly off his throne, and put's his hand up next to his head, like answering a question in a classroom. All his guards must be trained to know what this means because as soon as he does this the guards who grip my arms release me and back up against the far wall, they look like robots, all backing up simultaneously.

He strides over to me with an inhuman gracefulness, he shows no signs of stopping for anything, but he does. He stops right in front of me, so close i can feel his breath on my face, so close his nose is almost touching mine, and hisses "I told you once, boy. I don't. Like. Fighting. But if you continue, I will dismiss my guards and I will 'beat the crap put of you' myself! Understood?" he is deadly dangerous now, and deadly serious as well. So I don't push him any further, and i apologize.

"Sorry, my Lord. I was just pursuing friendly banter to seal the bond which split months ago. We wouldn't want to start on a wrong foot, now. Would we, my Lord? Or make a scene?" I'm the one all sunshine and rainbows now, like i haven't just purposely swore at a were-lord, a were-BULL to be precise.

"No, we most certainly wouldn't." he answers dryly.

"Good, good. Now where's my room?" I ask like I'm staying at a five-star hotel.

He snarls obviously seeing my joke, but not finding it funny.
He clicks his fingers again, I close my eyes praying I'm not getting hit again.

I can hear footsteps approaching behind me, great!
I'm gonna get punched again!

"Show the boy his cell," he says a 'little' to loud. The guard to my left nods. But then the Lord pushed me to the side and hisses in the guard's face "and if you dare let him escape again, it will be the last thing you ever do, understand?" he says 'understand' like he wasn't just threatening the poor guards life, he said it like he was offering a five-year-old a lollipop, if they even have lollipops here ( I really should have made some, when i created this place)

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