One day Puppup was in his house when his secret blue light started to blink. It was Agent A! "Puppup are you there?" asked Agent A. "Yes I am here" said Puppup. "There is a cow we call that cow The Crazy Cow are you up for the challenge?." asked Agent A. "Yes i am" said Puppup, then Puppup spun around and he turned in to SUPER PUPPUP! then he flew to The Crazy Cows house. And when he got there The Crazy Cow was out side. And then The Crazy Cow said "HEY HEY HEY". "Whats with the Fat Albert HEY HEY HEY thing" said Puppup. "I will tell you: One day i was watching the Fat Albert movie then Fat Albert came thew my tv then i came up with a idea then my idea went in to motion so told Fat Albert to go in my kitchen then i told him to bend over and when he bent over i ate him WA HA HA HA HA!" said The Crazy Cow. "Your going to jail" said Puppup. "Why" said The Crazy Cow. "You committed murder" said Puppup. "Fine..." said The Crazy Cow. "Ok" said Puppup. "Not so fast i summon cowsy in attack mode then i play the card cow in cow then i create a overlay unit that means i can xye summon now i summon medal Crazy Cow and end my turn" said The Crazy Cow. "watch a pro like me beat you at this game. I summon Dog Dish in attack mode then i use the magic card water now i summon dog dish with water but im not done cause i summon Thirsty Dog in Attack mode now i fuse dog dish with water and my Thirsty Dog to make SUPER THIRSTY DOG! Now Super Thirsty Dog attack his medal crazy cow and the rest of his life points!" said Puppup. "NO I WAS SO CLOSE NOW ITS ALL GONE!" said The Crazy Cow. "your going to jail" said Puppup then Puppup grabbed The Crazy Cow and took him to jail.