From the beginning of that school year, Wacovia High had not had a math teacher. The old one had quit just days before the school was to start, having gotten a new job at a school in the Poncet-Good Port metro area that paid better. As a result, the students had seen a rather long succession of substitute teachers of varying competence come and go.

The morning began as usual, with the students moving through the halls, babbling on about the usual things teenagers babble on about; the latest rock or pop record to hit the shelves, what happened on some TV show the previous night, and who was caught necking with who behind the Tim Horton's the other day.

Vivian, Christine, and Susie were standing by Vivian's locker between classes, when Chrome Bumper ran up.

"Hi, sweetie," said Susie.

"Hey, sweetheart," said Chrome Bumper, and they pecked each other good morning, and then Chrome made an announcement.

"We got a like, new math teacher, dudes!" he said.

"So?" asked Christine, "We've had a new teacher roughly every two weeks since the school started, and it's November now."

"But this one's supposed to be like, permanent!" Chrome Bumper said.

"Ooh!" Vivian asked eagerly, "Which math classes do they teach?"

"Geometry and Algebra 1, I think," Chrome Bumper replied.

"That means we finally get a permanent math teacher!" said Susie, glad to at last be getting some consistency in math class.

"Yeah, we have Alg-1 next period, in fact," said Vivian.

"Hope the new teach is worth a damn," said Christine, who, by this point was fed up with what she felt were inadequate math instructors.

The bell rang, indicating it was time for class, so the friends parted ways, Vivian, Christine, and Susie heading to Algebra 1 with the mysterious new teacher…