You invade my home.

Take my heart,

And then leave.

What went wrong?

I thought we were in LOVE.

You cherish me,

And you break me.

What kind of love is that?

I showered you,

With all I had.

I gave you my all.

And here you go,

Stealing everything I have.

Even my broken heart,

That once was yours.

How am I suppose to love again?

How am I suppose to be happy,

When you have my broken heart.

My heart is breaking.

I can't bare to see you again.

Even though I still love you.

I can't take the broken lies,

You tell me every night.

So please,

Stop Invading my broken home,

And give me back my broken heart.

I want to repair what I have left of me.

Invade someone else's home,

and steal what the have.

I'm done with your broken life.