Chapter 1- You've Got Mail

"Where is he? Come on, come on… Damn it!" I yelled as the enemy assassinated me from behind. "That's so embarrassing." I heard the familiar beeps and the deep voice saying "Game Over…"
"Come on Alli, you could've won!" Anthony's voice traveled through the microphone.

"All of them were dead except for one! Only one! I was so focused on sniping I guess I forgot to check my back…" I explained dejectedly.

"It was 49 to 49, and what did I say? I said watch your back. And you got to cocky!" Daniel lectured me.

"Guys, calm down. We'll get them next time. It's just a game anyways, it's not real life or anything."

"Whatever. I have to go eat dinner now, be back in an hour." Wayne said through the mic. We all mumbled goodbye as he left the game.

"Alright. Ready to start a new-"

"Alli!" A loud voice cut through the silent air of my house.

"What mom?"

"Mail's here, there's a letter for you!"

"Okay! Be right back," I took the mic off of my head and quickly ran down the stairs. "Is it a new magazine?"

"No," My mom was scrutinizing the letter. "Some invitation to…. a fitness class? What did you do this time?"
I laughed once. "Nothing this time, mom. Let me see the letter." I took it out of her hands and sat down at the kitchen table to read it.


Congratulations! If you are receiving this letter, you have been invited to SJN's annual fitness classes! We welcome you as a new member of the team! SJN Inc. has been rated the top fitness class in the state of Ohio. We pride ourselves in recruiting teenagers of all ages to fully realize their physical potential and become more confident in their abilities. We hand select fifteen new teenagers a year who we believe have the highest potential to become the best they can be physically. This year, you've been chosen!

SJN Inc. started with founder and current director Samuel J. Nelson, who received a college degree in physical fitness. His life-long dream had always been raising awareness for physical education in teenagers. So he and his wife, Catherine, started this program, inviting fifteen local teenagers to take basic fitness classes and training with Samuel and Catherine. We have had 330 members pass through this fitness program, and we are expecting 300 of these students to join you this summer.

Our main fitness camp is June 17-21 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. You will be staying overnight in the dorms, so bring a blanket! Food and drinks will be provided in the mess hall. The program also demonstrates fitness related activities in the college's classes themselves- prove yourself here and you may be invited back!

We hope that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity ALLISON, and join our program this summer!

Sincerely, SJN Inc.

I shrugged and set the letter down. "Seems legit. Besides, you're the one saying I'm too lazy. Why wouldn't you send me?"

"Good point," my mom said as I grabbed a bag of Pop tarts from the food closet. "It says bring this letter for confirmation that you were invited."

I shoved a giant piece of hot-fudge-sundae Pop tart in my mouth. "Wow, seems prestigious. I must have a lot of potential, or something. I'll do it." My words were barely comprehendible. My mom just gave me a long glance, and I walked back upstairs to the Xbox.

"Hey guys, I won't be online for a few days soon, I got invited to some fitness camp or something."

"They either think you're really strong or really fat," Daniel chuckled. I rolled my eyes, but then realized they couldn't see me.

"I'm rolling my eyes," I muttered.

"We're just joking Alli," Anthony chided. "Have fun at the camp."

"Thanks. I just hope I fit in there."