Chapter 2- What's Your Name?

"Are you sure you don't need help singing in?"

"Yes mom, I'm sure."

"Make sure to give them the letter!"

"You told me to five minutes ago. I will mom."

"Have fun!"

Okay! Bye mom!" I laughed as I got out of the car. She drove off and I walked to the gymnasium building where a "SJN Welcomes You!" banner was hung. Outside the door a table was set up, labeled "Registration." A man that was sitting there stood up to greet me. He was dressed nicely for the weather, in khaki shorts and a light blue polo shirt. He was incredibly fit for his undoubtedly older age- the greying brunette hair gave it away. He stood up as I walked toward him and reached out. I shook his hand and he smiled; I instantly felt more comfortable here.

"Hello miss," He said with a soothing yet commanding voice- you could instantly tell he was in charge here. "I'm so glad you could join us. Can I see your letter for confirmation?"

I opened my bag and gave him the letter. "I know it says Allison," I said calmly. "But I like to be called Alli, if that's alright."

At the mention of my name, his face brightened up. "You're a new student aren't you? We're very excited to have you! I'm Samuel J. Nelson, Director of SJN. But you can just call me Director. It's easier to remember."

"Thank you sir," I nodded. He took my letter and set it on top of a stack of others. He then turned to a laptop a printed a paper out, and handed it to me.

"We will need some information from you now. The top part is basic information, the usual stuff. And the last part is for your asset."

"Excuse me, my what-now?"

"Your asset. You'll learn a lot more about this soon enough, but I need you to fill out some information about a close friend or family member of yours that you feel you can trust the most- This is the one, and ONLY, person you can tell about what has happened at this camp. We pride ourselves in confidentiality here, so if you break this asset promise," He cleared his throat. "You won't be invited back. We highly suggest somebody out-of-state."

It didn't take much time to think about who would be my asset. Somebody I can trust whose out of state? I almost instantly picked up the pen and wrote 'Anthony Roberts' on the first blank. I filled out as much information as I knew- which wasn't much, but he seemed to be alright with that.

"You barely hesitated. You must trust this Anthony a lot." The Director observed as I gave him the paper. "You know him well?"

"Yes, sir. We're very close friends." He seemed extremley pleased with the fact that I called him"sir."

He nodded approvingly and took out a pen. He scrolled through his laptop for a while, scribbled something in the top corner of my paper, and then turned to me. "And one more thing. I like to keep everyone in my organization as equal as possible. I don't like certain people here to feel higher than others because of their name or history. So your name is no longer Alli, or Allison, or Kare, or whatever you're called. You're new name is 341." He handed me a dorm key and a set of dog tags. "Welcome to the program."