Chapter 21- Thinking is Understanding

It's hard to keep track of time down here. It's not like there's a window to see the sun. The only frame of time I have is 246 reminding me how many days it's been as he brings me a daily meal. Time is impossible to keep tabs on, but honestly I don't even care. I just sit in the corner of the room and hope that I don't die today. Occasionally, thoughts of the Director cross my mind; Does he even care? Does he even notice that I've been gone for days? But then the thought depresses me so much that I stop thinking about it, about everything. I mean, it's not like I can break out of this hellhole. My wrists and ankles are still tied. My locator button is gone, and I can't feel my knife in my back pocket, so it's gone.

My primitive thought process stopped when I heard the door open. In walked 246 with a plastic plate and two slices of bread on it. "I'm back with your food today. You've been here for six days now, almost a week. I'm surprised you haven't gone and stabbed yourself to death."

Under normal circumstances, I would've cussed him out and spat on him, but I was so out of energy I didn't do anything but stare into space in my corner, like the sheer picture of nothingness. If I was standing outside of myself, I could barely even picture how sad I must've looked. He left the bread on the floor by me, and went out of the room. I sighed. I didn't even want to eat. Maybe he was right, I should just kill myself-

Wait. No, he said "stab myself." How could I stab myself? Then I realized that what he thought was a joke was my way out of here: He forgot my knife, because it was in my front pocket, not the back! I stood up as quickly as I could without passing out (which was extremely slow) and looked down at my pockets. My hands were tied behind me, but I was flexible enough to just step over my arms. I silently thanked eleven years of dance as I grabbed the pocket knife and flipped out the tiny blade that would undoubtedly save my life. I started to cut through the zip ties on my wrists first, which took surprisingly long. By the time they were off, my wrists were bleeding from my desperation, but I hardly cared. I cut off the tie on my ankles and ran up to the door. Well, not exactly ran. I fell down once from my hunger and exhaustion, and walked the rest of the way.

I looked at the door handle and looked at the key lock. I checked my hair for bobby pins but the rat's nest I found didn't give me any, so I had to improvise. I put the edge of the pocket knife in the keyhole to see if it would open. It barely budged. Frustrated as hell, I put my thumb right next to the lock and pressed down against the knife so it would go in at angle. And a deep cut in my thumb and a broken pocket knife later, the door unlocked and I kicked it open.

I walked into a scared Madison Zangler and an angry 246, both of whom clearly didn't expect this. I don't blame them, I probably looked insane anyways. Not being able to find a weapon, I found the nearest sarsaparilla bottle and smashed it against the wall, giving me a sharp piece of glass. I pushed 246 down to the ground, kneeled on top of him, and held the shard to his throat.


I looked up at Madison Zangler, and she looks so fearful. What the hell?

"Why should I?! You want me dead, you shouldn't care!"

She shook her head at 246. "No, I don't." She then put her head up to her hair. And she took off a blonde wig and a wig cap, showing long, strawberry blonde hair that reached her shoulders. "I'm sorry…"

I stood up and threw the shard into the corner, seeing red from anger. She didn't have to explain, I already understood.

"So she doesn't exist, Madison Zangler. It was a set up."

246 slowly stood up, extremely wary. "The Director told us… He told us that he wanted to test you. Test your emotions, and you're ability to think in desperate situations. We don't know why, that's just what he said."

The wannabe Madison Zangler wiped a budding tear from her eye. "Just please, don't hurt us…"

I took a deep breath. This whole thing was never their fault. They were just doing their job, and doing what the Director told them to just like everybody here. And I went mentally psycho and tried to kill them.

"Alright, I understand now. I won't be hurting you."