Chapter 4- Breaking The Status Quo

It honestly hurt just watching them all fall. I sighed as each one of them got knocked out with punches, kicks, and who knows what else. I knew my fate wouldn't be any better as Agent 340 struggled to get up off of the ground after being unconscious for around 5 minutes. The laughing and cheering of everybody else didn't help.

"Good job, good job. We'll be sure to get you training ASAP." The Director patted the little girl's back and she stumbled back to her seat next to me, passing out again in the chair. "Agent 341, you're next!"

I swallowed my fear as I stood up and walked down to aisle to the front. The cheering subsided into quiet chatter of "Really, another chick?" and "You could take her, get up there!" I didn't let their comments, good or bad, affect me. I just looked straight forward as the Director put a cold hand on my shoulder. "Who would like to challenge her? Any takers?" The room went silent for a few hopeful seconds. Maybe I wouldn't get beaten up today.

"I'll do it sir."

Any cheering that I heard at all seemed like whispers compared to this. Everybody was crazy. I looked over to chair 117 where a 19-year-old girl was standing up. Her platinum blonde hair swayed down her back, and her icy blue eyes seemed to pierce the air between us.

"This isn't a fair fight!" A brave voice came from the crowd. Another one joined, "Do you really want your new agent dead?" I can deal with the teasing and cheering and laughing, and even my imminent doom. But direct insults crossed my line.

"I can handle myself," I spoke loudly, and instantly everybody became silent. I was the first newcomer to even speak.

"Hmm. She's brave," 117 said. Her voice was slightly raspy. "Tonight might not be as boring as I thought."

"You seem like a fun-loving gal, don't you?" I spoke with attitude. I didn't even know this girl and I already wanted to punch her face off the wall. She seemed like she didn't care about anything or anybody, and I hate that.

"Well, well, well. You sure can talk. Now let's see if you can dance." She put her fists up and, as fast as lightning, threw a punch. I got nailed in the nose, and I felt some blood trickle down to my shirt. Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed. She laughed with the crowd and tried to throw another one, but I was smarter than that- I ducked down and grabbed her leg. Having no clue what to do next, I just pulled her leg out from under her. She fell to the side, landing shoulder first on the ground. I braced myself as she stood back up, and her gaze seemed even colder than before. She tried to kick me in the gut but I side stepped to the left.

Then I realized- I seemed like every other newcomer here, dodging the hits but not giving them. That couldn't be me, I couldn't disappoint the Director; He went against everybody just to have me here. Before I could even think, I lunged so I could be behind her, and I kicked her in the back. She stumbled and turned around to knock me out, but I threw a punch that connected to her cheek, making her fall to her knees. Everyone shouted, not sure whether to cheer or yell at me. The Director cleared his throat. "Very nice job, 341. You may-"

He, and the others, were instantly cut off by 117's piercing scream of pure rage. She jumped up and grabbed the collar of my shirt, throwing me to the ground. I tried to get up, but she kneeled down over me and punched me in the face- and again, and again, and again. The stars in my vision danced around like they're on steroids, and everything was black and white. My feeble attempts to throw her off probably looked pathetic. Eventually, the Director must've realized she was never going to stop and pulled her off of me. "117! You are dismissed for the evening. Return to your dorm immediately."

I slowly got up and tried to keep my balance. 117 leaned in toward me, chilling me to the bone with her gaze. "I never lose, 341. Don't forget that." She stormed out the building in the dead silence of the crowd.