I was sitting on my bed painting my toe nails while watching an episode of weeds just like I normally do when i'm not working.

Today was my day off thank god. Me and my roommate Michael work our asses off just to make ends meet. We been friends since elementary school and been close ever since.

His mom died when she was giving birth to him, so he never got to meet her only the pictures he had seen. Then his father died when he was 16 from lung cancer.

He wasn't real close with him anyways. He always blamed him for her death. He also had a drinking problem. He wasn't the kind of guy that looked for his problems at the bottom of a glass but he did drink quite often.

He went to live with his uncle for a short while and during that time he dropped out of high school at the age of 16.

He's been working ever since. Odd jobs here and there, anything to get a paycheck. Then his uncle got sick with the same thing his father had. Lung Cancer. So he started doing bad and eventually he passed on.

During that time his uncles house was sold. So Michael went on to live on his own at 17. He found a job at a small diner as a cook.

In fact we live above it as we speak. He's off today actually but he's out running around doing errands.

So here we are living above a diner and all we have is a bed with no frame, a small tv, old school still has a vcr and a mini fridge.

And yes we share the bed together. We're not that kinda friends. We never done anything together if that's what you were thinking. I never seen him naked with all the years i've known him.

We make it work and that's all that matters.

Michael came busting through the door and slamming it shut behind me. He scared the living hell outta me.

"Dammit Michael, you made me mess up my toes!" I said looking up at him. He looked flustered.

"Everything okay buddy?"

I watched him around around and grab a bag from our one closet that we had.

"I gotta get outta here" He said as he started to rummage through his clothes and stuffing them in his bag.

"What are you talking about?"

"They're gonna come for me"

That was all I got out of him. So I got off from out bed and went over to him and tried to calm him down a bit to get some more details.

"Michael, Michael shhhh" I said to him as I put cupped his face and looked at him deeply.

"What's going on?"

"Darrius knows..."

He left it at that. I knew exactly what this was about. See Darrius was a guy Michael knew and he helped him make some money by selling some drugs.

Awhile back Michael and I were so desperate for cash that he took the money from what he sold but told Darrius he was set up in a trap, when really we pocketed it.

"Fuck" Was all I said.

I didn't wanna know how he found out. All I wanted to do was help him pack...and mine as well. Because if Darrius came knocking on our door and knew Michael fled he'd kill me to get back at him.

"He's gonna kill me" He said as he continued to pack his bag quickly he looked over at me and saw I was packing up my stuff as well.

"Where are we gonna go?" I called out.

"Anywhere but here"

We packed up quickly since we didn't have much stuff anyways. As soon as we walked out the door Michael was in stealth mode.

I kinda wanted to laugh but at the same time I didn't since things we serious.

"Shit" Michael said quietly.

"What? What's wrong"

"He's over there Stacy" He said as I looked over and saw a black man with dreads standing next to his car.

"Hey there Mike"

God I hated when people called him Mike.

"You planning a trip?" He said judging by us holding our bags.

"Just going to the gym"

"Hey there Stacy" He said looking over at me.

I just nodded.

"Lets cut the bullshit...We all know why i'm here"

I was getting nervous, This guy was dangerous and I kept looking around to see if anybody was with him.

"Stacy you might wanna give us a minute-" Michael took the opportunity while he was talking to me to blindside him with a punch to the face.

Michael is a fighter there is no doubt about that. But he's also the kinda guy that will try to avoid the fight at any extent.

Anyways Darrius got punched and was taken a back a bit and that's when Michael yelled at me to run.

"Run Stacy!"

I ran across the street thinking Michael was right behind me. I looked back and saw him punch him one more time causing darrius to fall to his knees, then I saw Michael Knee him in the chest and that's when he fell to the ground.

I ran not to more after that, I ducked down in an alley to catch my breath. I held onto my knees a bit when Michael came out of nowhere and scared the living hell outta me.

I started to hit him until I realized it was him.

"Stacy it's me!" He grabbed a hold of my hands and I started to calm down a bit.

"Now he's really gonna kill you!"

"I know that's why we got to get the hell outta here" He said as he grabbed both our bags and my hand and we ran further down the alley.


We been running for over an hour until we came to a Mcdonalds and thought it would be best if we took a minute to rest. So we went inside and sat down at one of the tables.

"Alright I think we're good for now" Michael said to me.

"Michael what are we doing?"

"We're in Mcdonalds"

"No I mean with this Darrius situation. Where we going?"

"Anywhere till things lay low" He told me. "You hungry?"

"Not really" I kinda lost my appetite after what happened earlier.

I went through my pocket to grab my five dollar prepaid flip phone that I bought at wal-mart. I started looking through my contacts.

"Who you calling? He asked me. I kept looking through my phone.

"Work. You should probably do the same thing if you don't wanna get fired"

"And tell them what. That the guy I been help selling drugs is after me cause I stole his money"

"Just tell them an emergency happened and you had to leave town" I told him.

"Like what my parents were in a car crash" He said with that sarcastic tone he's so good at.

"...Stacy they know I have nobody I can't really make up a story that involves me leaving town" He continued on and he was right. It's kinda hard to make an alibi for him.

I went on and called my work and told them some bulshit. They don't really care unless I give them ahead of time. Plus I been with them for so long they won't just fire me.

"Alright now what?" I said as I hung up the phone.

"We get on that bus over there" I saw him point out the window and across the street was the bus station.

"Okay and what are we gonna do? We gonna ponyboy it up in some abandon church?"

He looked at me strangely.

"Ponyboy?..The outsiders" He still didn't know what I was talking about. "Really Michael pick up a book sometime"

"Whatever.. We better get going before it's too late" He said as he picked up his bag. "If you don't wanna come that's fine"

"I've been by your side my entire life, i'm not leaving it now" I stood up and grabbed my bag and we left that Mcdonalds.

We walked across the street towards the bus station.

"I'll go get us tickets" Michael said as he scurried over to the counter and I sat in one of the chairs in the lobby.

I sat there and tried my best to collect myself. Too much was happening all at once. I don't mind leaving for awhile, the only thing that bothers me is money.

Where are we gonna stay with the little money that we have, are we gonna find jobs? Things were tough as it was here i'm worried about what's gonna happen to wherever we go.

"Here" I looked up at Michael and saw him handing me a ticket.

I looked at it to see where we're going.

"Richmond, Virginia"

He smiled back at me.

"Better start practicing how to milk cows" He said with a laugh.

We sat there waiting for the bus, trying to come up with ideas on what to do when we get to Richmond.

The bus was finally ready to roll and we grabbed our bags and stepped onto the bus ready for our new adventure.

We sat down in the middle of the bus, but before I sat down I saw Darrius driving by.

"Get down" Michael said.

He made me duck down under the window and he put his head down put was able to peek out the window to see where he was going.

After a few seconds he drove by.

"Alright he's gone" I heard him say and I started to lift my head back up.

"So is this our life now" I muttered out to him.

Instead of saying something back he just leaned back into his seat and sighed as the bus drove off.

We didn't talk much on the bus ride. I been looking outside the window pretty much the entire time, I never been out of the city before so looking at a different scenery was kinda nice.

We were not even halfway there and I was pretty exhausted. I looked over at Michael and he was fast asleep.

I figured if he's doing it I might as well try. What I thought was gonna be a difficult task was actually an easy one. I closed my eyes and I drifted off to sleep...