Monday, October 01, 2012

The Vilagent

I knew I shouldn't

But I looked

And now I wish I hadn't

In one second

My life changed forever

And I don't know

If I can go back

Something was

Compelling me to look

Maybe it was

I wish I could

Forget what I saw

But I can't

I dream about it

At least once a night

I can't escape

This nightmare I'm in

It is coming after me

There isn't anything

I can do

I can not escape

The Vilagent

No matter where I go

They will find me

There is no escape

There's got to be a way

To destroy the ones I fear

The Vilagent

They are coming

I am frozen

I can't move an inch

I will never stop fighting

Not while I still

Have my will

They won't take

That away from me

I will not be scared

I will be strong

They won't conquer me

Not the Vilagent

I will survive this

I will survive the Vilagent