Nobody cares enough

To read the feelings in my eyes

Or see the fakeness in my smile.

Nobody cares enough

To hear my silent plea for help

And pick up my shattered pieces before they melt.

There was once a boy who cared enough

But life said, for him, I wasn't good enough

So the way my heart broke was rough.

Now I'm all alone

With no one who cares.

At least not enough for my feelings to be shared.

There's no light at the end of my tunnel.

There's no silver lining in my sky.

Through my pain, all I can do is watch my life pass by.

I wish to be good enough

To have that boy back

Or at least stop burdening others with what I lack.

Nobody cares enough.

That's all I got to say.

Maybe if I was good enough, things wouldn't be the same.