Monday, October 01, 2012

Time To Say Goodbye


I live each day

As if it's my last

My time is near

The end

I never know

What day is my


I don't want to

Leave this world

There are things

I haven't even

Done in my life yet

Things I really

Wanted to do

Before I die

But sometimes

We just have

To let go

And leave

Things unfinished

Though it's hard

We have to

Say goodbye

We can't stay

Among the living


Sometimes we have

To die

That is how life is

We die and go

To a new place

It has been this

Way since

The world was born


The hard parts

Letting go

To the ones

We love

We have to

Be strong

And know

They will be fine

They will miss us

But they'll move on

They are strong

It's time to

Say goodbye

To close our

Eyes and...