A/N: This is my first story in a long time. I haven't written in probably 5-7 years. I had a dream and this story developed from that dream. My husband has been reading it after each chapter and thinks it's an excellent story so I decided to post it and see what kind of response I get from non-biased people.

Chapter 1

The World…humanity…life…everything as we once knew it is gone. The year as I am writing this is 2086 and as of twenty-five days ago, it was nothing special. I was nothing special. I mention the year of my account in hopes that someday someone will be able to read this and understand the truth of what really happened to life as it was once was. If by the mercy of God, humans are able to reclaim Earth and live on maybe by reading this they will be somewhat wiser to what existed prior to their own lives and understand the truth.

We, meaning the 20 of us on this ship, were just humans living on a planet that we had believed would last forever. Earth, that beautiful creature of glorious and epic proportion is no longer the majestic place we called home for millions of years.

The Americas, China, France, Iraq, on and on countries of mass trade, commerce, free market, democracy, dictatorships, are gone. What we once thought could never be destroyed or even harmed has simply vanished in the blink of an eye.

I was among the foolish millions to think that Earth in all her splendid magnificence would go on forever just as it always had. I had no reason to believe that we as humans were in danger. If the World did end as the way, it did in books and movies it would be from something simplistic like a comet crashing into the ocean or an earthquake hitting a tectonic plate. These were mere child's play compared to the events of twenty-five days ago.

Because the hour is late and I am beyond exhaustion, I will start my story not from the "beginning of the end", as I will refer to it later, but instead with a story from several years ago. This story stands out now in my memory more than it ever did. It is not to say that this day hasn't haunted me in years past. I have regretted many of my actions on that day, but I now find great significance and links to the end of the World in one man's words on that particular sunny day what would now be five years ago.