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Chapter 3- 25 days after the end

How silly of me to forget my name throughout my story. Not that you reading this will care or even have any use of such a thing, but I will give it to you regardless. My name for what it matters is Anders. Yes, it is a foolish first name, but nonetheless it is my name.

My mother, bless her soul, thought it was a proper name for a gentleman. Not that I see myself as a gentleman, but she thought it fitting. She was one of the ones taken twenty-five days ago. But then again, I am getting ahead of myself.

I have been quite content on this ship for the past twenty-five days, as some of the others have not been. There has been confusion, fights, arguments, etc throughout our short time together. As I stated earlier I am one of twenty people living on this ship. It is quite crowded and there are bound to be problems because again we are human.

As humans, we demand and strive for perfection, not just from ourselves and the others around us, but also from the World. We foolishly believed that our world was perfect. We took advantage of what we had in all its imperfections and look where we are now. A mere twenty people locked away in this ship waiting to see what evil punishment Karma will dish out next, as if the events of twenty-six days ago were not enough.

We are to return to Earth in approximately another week's time. The others seem assured that we will return to absolutely nothing left, but I am staying hopeful…well at least in front of them. I can't see how letting them see my worries will help any of us. They are worried, stressed, and tired enough there is no reason to add to those fears.

They occasionally ask me why I keep writing. They are sure no one will ever be able to read this. I smile and continue writing. Even if I write something that, no one ever reads it will help me to keep my sanity for the time being. Eventually I will run out of words and paper, but I will continue to write in hopes that I can help you in your journey.

I now stare out the small hole in the side of the ship and look at the sun and then at the Earth. What marvelous glory I think to myself. Whether you are a believer in God, science, or philosophy it is amazing to think that in instant something so marvelous was created… a split second to create it and a split second to end it all…

I now turn back to my pages wondering again how much paper I stowed away in my luggage. It is a question I have asked myself many times in the past couple of weeks. I count the sheets of paper on a daily basis as ritual. Again, it is only another feeble attempt to keep my sanity. If by some means, I can find rituals and routines again once we return to Earth I can possibly begin to feel human again.

Then another thought occurs to me. Who in the haste of the world ending thinks to bring paper in the one piece of luggage they are allowed to bring…me…and only me…The other people here brought jewelry, clothes, family photos and silly me brought paper.

I was able to grab one memento from the Earth as I remember it. I keep it tucked away in my luggage. It is always with me as a reminder of the luck I had on my side that one day five years ago. The blood stained shirt that I wore on that day. If some day I find myself in a situation where I need courage to save someone else's life I will remember the shirt I carry with me and find strength in one man's courage.

Again, I talk as if I will ever have that opportunity. I am 99%; sure, I am looking at the last nineteen human beings left in this world. Almost an entire species wiped out in a matter of minutes…maybe humans should have been on someone's endangered species list. Instead of saving the whales, someone should have fought to protect the humans.

The captain is calling for lights out, meaning we are saving the fuel we have left so we can last another week. I must stop writing until our twelve hours of darkness are over and I can return to the story.