It was dawn, and Loch Ness was as peaceful as ever. It was time, for Nessa's day of freedom.

For many many years ago, in the time of creation, when Lochs were made and mountains formed, Nessa had been a human, serving for Beira the queen of Winter now forgotten. And she had done wrong, for one night she had forgotten to seal a well, like she was supposed to, and the water overflew. For that Beira punished her and made her a nymph of the Loch she had made. Loch Ness it was called by her. But every ten years dawned a day when Nessa could wander around freely, walk among the humans.

And only if she ever would be bound to the world outside Loch Ness, by anything stronger than death and life would she remain as human, never to return to her world under. That day had come again.

Slowly as the first rays of sun hit the surface, her figure formed from water, and if anyone had seen this, they would have mistaken it or a wave reaching the shore, as she was yet to become fully formed.

And so, it wasn't until she had reached the shore, that the wave washed over her, leaving her with a real form, and it felt good. She could feel the ground below her feet, and smell the air. She could move her fingers, and hum. But as she tried to stand up, it was in vain, for she had to always learn to walk or talk again.

She had no clothes on, but her long silver hair covered her fragile form from unwanted eyes. Her skin was soft and pale, for she could only ever walk under the sun during the day of her freedom, and she was thin, for she only ate once in ten years, she was ever young, but not forever. Just until she would find her hold to her form...

She had tried everything, in her long years, never to succeed. And oh had she weeped and her eyes colour so light blue, had shed cold tears, like pearls.

By now the sun had risen, and shone bright, when she took her first steps. Unsteady they were, but more she walked the easier it went, and she walked up the hill to the castle of Urguhart.

She rememberd it's days of glory now gone and smiled. It had been a long time since she had last seen it, hundreds of years. But the times had changed, and the castle of Urguhart was but a memory of it's past, ruins slowly fading to time. Now only tourists visited it, but not today, for today it was an exeptionally cold day even in autumn, for it was to be the Eve of All Hallows. The day of spirits and wraiths of old.

Here's the first part, I love myths and legends... Especially Scottish ones ^^ and this is kind of a "sequal" to one of the old scottish myths, well more like a modernized tale of one of the characters... I really lived her in the myth, but she only showed up for half the small page or so, and nothing much was told of her, so here is my version or something...

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