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A lad years few years older than Nessa, at least in looks... (Even, if the truth was very different.) Sat on a wall.

He was writing a diary about his adventures, that had everything from his birth place to the places he had seen and things he'd done.

That lad with shaggy brown hair and deep blue eyes. There was no tour guide to tell him about this castle thought, which walls he was sitting on.

No one to tell him who had put the large stone there, behind him, the one he was leaning on. No guide and no parents for the eighteen year old that lived alone, going wherever he may, for money was no problem, he had was a house. He didn't have one. He was a traveller, child of every country of the world.

The diary that he always had with him, the one the seemed to have everything the world could offer, suddenly dropped.

There was a girl watching him, her porcelain figure was covered with long silver hair and her beautiful pale lips were pursed, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and couldn't take his eyes of her, but then all the sudden she was gone, disappeared behind the corner. Amazed he couldn't help himself, but went looking for her...


Decades it had been of when she had last seen human so close, she was intrigued, she couldn't help it.

But she didn't dare to go any closer, nor say a word. She was frozen there, like bewitched she was. It wasn't until she could feel his eyes on her that she moved, she ran as fast as she could with her clumsy legs, finally reaching her old hiding spot from the time when the castle was still up and full of life, for it had yet to fall apart.

There she hid, completely forgetting how little time she had until she would have to become one with the Loch again. But she didn't want to leave. She was having fun...

"I'm here!" she called finally,

hoping he would hear her, but in vain. He had given up, gone back to city. thinking it might have been a trick on his eye.

Left tripping over her feet she ran. She had a stupid idea, she hoped it was still there, the book.

And there it was, still there, where he had dropped it. She began to read it, still hoping he would suddenly apear. Slowly the seconds turned to minutes and the minutes turned to hours and soon the eve fell upon the Castle Urquhart.

He wasn't coming back, at least not today. So she wrote something there, with her silver tears.

Ten years to her next walk upon earth, but she had given him something to look for too... At least she hoped so, and so she finally became one with the Loch Ness again, waiting for her next dawn.