Kimber still had her head in her knees, trying not to scream or cry or otherwise freak out, which was getting harder and harder as Tigernach continued to talk about his life, his family and his so-called people. She didn't even notice that Lily had opened the door or that she was being spoken too.

"Hay, so I made tea and I know the vanilla rooibos is your favorite so I made a cup for you too. Don't thank me, I already know I'm perfect,"

Lily held a heavy ceramic mug in one hand and cradled a thick, yellowed book in her armpit as she rested on the door frame. She wasn't exactly paying attention to Kimber, her eyes pointed upwards, fanning herself with her free hand, playing humble like Carlotta. Kimber might have had enough time to stuff Tigernach under the pillow or hide him somehow. Had she reacted immediately, she could have saved Lily from a whole mess of trouble. However, Kimber had her head between her knees and Lily had a very old book under her arm, so nothing went quite as it should have.

"Oh, madam, that book smells delectable! What title is it?" Tigernach said, hopping up onto his spindly, scaly legs.

If this were a soap opera, this would be the moment that the heavy ceramic mug crashed loudly onto the floor, representing the emotional response in Lily. Instead, she looked on in disbelief, jaw dropped, eyes wide, looking at the not a dragon but a wyrm blending into the comforter.

"Oh, pardon me, my dear, I am Tigernach. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

This was the moment that Lily screamed. Kimber was silent and watching with wide eyes and her hands planted firmly on her temples. Tigernach jumped back at the noise. Loud thumping could be heard as Lily continued to scream.

"What's going on up here!" Diana yelled over Lily's unending scream, "Lily, stop!"

She, Diana, shook her, Lily, forcefully from behind. And this was the moment when the heavy ceramic mug crashed loudly onto the floor. Kimber was overcome by shivers and was mumbling to herself.

"This is all my fault. Something is so wrong. I must be so entirely crazy. Or, like, I'm in a coma. I'm in a coma and that's why Lily and Diana can see this stupid thing. They're not real. None of this is real. That's why this is all so crazy. So. Crazy. Holy crap, I'm so insane. Can they really see this? Really?"

Tigernach was sitting comfortably on the comforter, occasionally commenting on the situation he was observing. "Oh be quiet" here and "Do stop" there, with the occasional sprinkling of "ladies, do try to right yourselves."

Lily stopped screaming. Diana and Kimber were both rubbing their temples, though for different reasons. Diana was in the middle of explaining to Lily why she couldn't just randomly scream like that and now they needed to clean up the mess on the floor. She was in the middle of explaining this when Tigernach jumped off the bed and took it upon himself to introduce himself to Diana as well.

"What the hell is this shit?"

"Well, assuming you can handle this better than your friends, this 'shit', as you say, is a book wyrm who is very interested in one, the yellowing book that your screaming friend is holding and two, the rare book that your mumbling friend, Miss Kimber, is hiding from me."

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I'm in a coma and you're not real, but I'm so sorry. You guys, I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of this. I can't make him go away. And now you see him too. I should have let him scamper around, let people see him. Maybe it would prove I'm in a coma or something," Kimber said, tears coming to her eyes.

Diana bent over and extended a thin finger to poke the little black wyrm. He felt much like a wyrm would be expected to feel, scaly and with resistance. She looked down into his yellow eyes with furrowed brows.

"You're really real?"

Lily took this opportunity to sit down on the bed next to Kimber. The two were shaken up and neither wanted to look at Tigernach, who was now having a lovely conversation with Diana about what exactly he was and why he was around. She seemed very interested in him, and she hadn't started screaming yet, which, for him, was a good sign.

"Kimber, as hard as this is to believe, I think this little guy is real," Diana said, picking him up and cradling him like a kitten.

"I am calling a house meeting," Lily managed to murmur, looking over at Kimber.