He raised his hand in anger.


The girl staggered to the side, raising a shaky hand towards her cheek imprinted with a red hand mark. She stared up in shock at him. What just happened? Did he…he slapped me…Tears formed in the girl's crimson eyes. The boy glared over her with a piercing glare that bore into her eyes. She tried to say something but her throat was clenched. Even if she was able to, she didn't know what to say. She was at loss of words. All she could do was stare. Her heart clenched just to know that he of all people would harm her. What happened to the promises, all those empty words mocking the truth seemed to just shatter. She felt her heart crumble along with it. A tear slowly slid down her pale cheek. She managed to build up the courage to say something.

"You…you l—"


He backhanded her sending her colliding into the ground. Choked sobs came out of her mouth. She held her cheeks while on her knees. She cried staring up at him. The way she looked would just kill you. The way she looked so vulnerable, helpless weak—humiliating. He stared down at her. Realization struck him. And it struck him hard—maybe even as hard as the two slaps he gave her. He felt his chest tighten. What did I just do? Have I gone mad? He fell to his knees and clasped his hands over his head and begged for forgiveness. He cried. She stared at him in tears, but the crying ceased. He put his hands on the ground and let his head hang.

"Dear god…I'm sorry….I'd never mean to—"

She began to cry again. He pulled her to his chest and hugged her.

"Please….please just don't cry…"

She pushed him away causing him to slightly fall back and prop himself up with his elbows. She let tears flow gracefully down her face.

"All those promises you made…they were all just lies…weren't they…."


"Weren't they!?"

She snapped. She stood fists clenched. He held onto her body, looping his hands above her waist still on his knees. She fought back to get loose and tried prying his hands off of her. She looked him in the eyes and their eyes locked. His eyes were full of sadness and regret. He looked desperate. The look of anger on her face slowly began to fade and become soft. She knew that he longed so hard to get her. Did she really want to take it away from him now? He let his hands fall to his sides as he was on his knees. She ran away from him. He screamed her name as she dashed out the door and down the hall in tears. Her footsteps echoing, fainter and fainter. He clenched his fists and slammed them on the ground yelling in rage. He messed up…it took him so long to get her. So many years. The memories of them seemed to be fading away in front of him, just like a fading memory. She stopped in her footsteps. Is this really the right thing to do? Just walk out of his life? She slowly turned around towards the end of the hall where he was, in the room. She slowly took steps closer and closer towards the door. Soon she stood at the frame of the door, hearing his cries on the other side. She slid it open slowly. His crying ceased and he looked at her in shock. She stared at him. He stared up at her in shock. Is she really coming back? He opened his mouth, but as he was about to say something, she took out a gun pointing it at him. He froze. Not moving. Now he was the vulnerable weak one. She pulled the trigger. She watched as his eyes widened and jaw clenched. She pulled it several more times, listening to the shells clattering on the floor. He staggered and fell silent. Then he collapsed. She watched as the patches of red blossomed through his shirt. The glint in his eyes seemed to be fading, but never did. She just admired the way flowers blossomed in the place of his wounds.

And just like that, she left him. She left him there to die miserably and alone. But the thing is, she didn't know is that he didn't die at all. Now he's out for her. His usual saying when he's looking for someone was, "Still Painting Roses." Indeed he still was painting roses for her. He's not giving up that easily.


Just a piece I came up with when I was feeling different and bored. I'm actually pretty satisfied with it :) I hope u r too; please leave a review and tell me what you think. I may continue it if it doesn't die off from my memory and becomes void :P.