Let's Just Stay Friends.

When I talk to you,

I feel like myself.

I don't have to pretend,

When we're talking.

When I hear your voice,

I get all excited.

My heart starts to skip.

I can't tell what it is,

that I like about you.


It's because your so sweet.

Or is it because we're actly alike.

I know I'm being foolish,

But I do think your the cutest.

I'm sorry i can't be yours,

But I'll promise to keep in you mind.

I know i' with someone else.

Maybe that's why it feels so wrong.

I like you alot,

but sadly it's y lost.

So I think it's best,

If we just stayed friends.

I just can't stand to lose you,

So please stay with me.

Because I would hate,

To lose these's feelings.

Maybe you're the one for me.