It is cold

My heart pounding

I am scared

There is no way out

My body shuts down

I can't breathe as my lungs closes up on me

My body can't move

What happening

My life flashes before my eyes

I am near death

I see his cold boney fingers reaches for my soul

His bags of soul on his side

I reach for his hand and pull it away from my soul

I look death in his eyes

Then finally I said

I am not ready for you

I am not ready to died

But death was much stronger

But I still try to keep his hand away from my soul

I cry

I cry for my family

I cry for forgiveness

But he didn't care


I let go

I let go of everything that held me back

And saw my true father in front of me

As I reached for his hand

He smile and then I knew I made the right choice

Then he pull me up into my brand new soul

And save my

And I lived a new and different life

And that life was the one I am living now.