When the lump inside

My throat

Makes it hard to breath

I know I must try

To find a way to hold

The pain inside

When my nose runs

I blame it on a cold

When my eyes are red

I blame it on no sleep

When I blink too fast

I blame it on a bug

But rarely when someone

Sees the dampness

In my eye

I smile through the rain,

I tell them it is memories

Of happy times long ago

I finally understand

What it's like to

Feel like I'm

Not good enough

That my life's a waste of time

And so I lie

I can talk about nothing

How much do you

Know about Me?

You know about

My stories or experiences

Do you know who I am?

What I think about

When I'm all alone

Do you ever hear

About the nights

I cried myself to sleep?

Do you know why I lie?