Charles awoke and knew something was different somehow. It was only 12:00 PM too. He got up and yawned. He ignored the dark purple rings around his eyes but knew, as always, that Kayla would mentally kill him with her comments about it. The excitement was too much for him to go back to bed. Actually, his excitement kept him up some nights for days. He didn't go to work because of what he was doing; he didn't want his boss to be suspicious about it. A scientist was a high paying job but it just wasn't enough to support his family. Because of it, he wanted to get a raise but he knew it would be hard to get. So he waited until his plan formed.

Charles headed towards his office to get some work done. He had checked on the vial but the red liquid didn't change one bit since the other day. It would probably take months for it to form.

Kayla on the other hand was sleeping deeply but subconsciously she knew he was awake and working. She didn't know what he was working on but she knew it was important. She only got made because she wanted him to sleep; it was hard raising Vanessa on her own. She awoke once to check on her daughter since it was on habit but saw the light in his office on. She sighed after she knew Vanessa was asleep and went back to her bedroom. Even she wasn't allowed in his office. She went back to bed ignoring her curiosity.

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