One More Taken

It was a dark night. The kind of darkness that made you wonder if day really existed, or if it was just a myth. The kind that made you miss the sun like a lost child misses his mother. Normally, it was a lighter dark. But not that night. No, that night was abnormal. This puzzled Nora deeply.

What is making tonight so dark, she wondered to herself. She continued to walk on, knowing that she was just about home. Everyone told her it was not safe to be walking alone at night in New York City, but she couldn't find a cab. Go figure.

Five or so minutes later, she got home. She showered, ate, and turned on the television. For the next hour, she followed the newest case on NCIS.

Eventually, Nora collapsed. She was locked into a deep sleep that even a Metallica concert couldn't have broken.