Set Up and Shut Up

The next day, she explained everything to detective Reynolds. He insisted on putting her into protection, but she denied.

That night, another body was found. Same M.O. They still did not have enough evidence to find him. The trace on her phone came back to a pay phone, which had too many prints overlapping for them to print.

It was another two weeks of bodies until they came across something at one of the crime scenes. A drop of blood. It was out of place from the rest of the scene, suggesting it was their killer's.

It took a while, but the DNA results came back with a match. Darcy couldn't believe who the match was to. She looked down at the piece of paper bearing the name. She read it over and over to herself: Detective Darcy Jones.

Stripped of her badge and her honor, Darcy was sent to prison, labeled as a 'Dirty Cop.' Over the next two years, she constantly tried to get the officers who didn't think she was guilty to continue to search for evidence disproving that it was her. No luck, until one of the officers on the case, Sergeant Charlotte Smith, was found dead, with the same M.O.

But Darcy already had it figured out. Darcy had figured out who the real murderer was. And so had the department. The detectives all thought he was a copycat, however.

The culprit was in fact Detective James Reynolds. It had finally made sense to Darcy. Other than Darcy, he had been the only detective on the case. He had the access to be able to plant Darcy's blood at one of the scenes. Being a cop, he knew how to cover his tracks from the CSIs. Especially since he had formerly been a CSI himself.

There was only one thing that didn't fit. The police couldn't find Sgt. Smith's missing body parts. Darcy, luckily, knew where they were. She had known everything about her partner (minus the homicidal tendencies), including the fact that he had a storage locker in the Bronx. After checking the locker, they found all the evidence needed in order to release Darcy; They found every victim's body parts, perfectly preserved.

Reynolds was given the death penalty after being found guilty of all charges.

It's funny how one little piece of fake evidence can change the whole story. But determination can find the truth. That is why this story is important.