A small child
No older than five years,
Sits on her bed, chatting away
To someone no one, save for her can see

He's an old man, with snow white hair,
And a warm, somewhat goofy smile
As he tells her stories,
And teaches her all sorts of things

She knows who he is,
For he'd been there her whole life,
Even though,
He hadn't been alive since she was too little to remember

Her parents somewhat shrug it off,
Thinking she might just be imagining things,
But, to her, she knows he's there
Watching her and guiding her

Now, that girl is older,
Twelves years of age,
No longer a child, but not yet a teenager,
And she can no longer see him

She's lost her faith,
She's lost her belief,
And now she's scared, on the verge of tears
Afraid something will happen to her during surgery

Her father reassures her,
Saying he - the man she'd known her whole life
Came to him in a dream,
Saying that she would be alright

If that were the case,
Why would he not choose to come to her,
When it was her that was having to have the surgery,
And was scared stiff?

Two more years pass,
The girl is happy, healthy and alive,
She stands in the graveyard,
Facing his grave, sitting in front of it

She went through some crazy drama,
For those past two years,
That she wished she hadn't,
And she wished that someone would have stopped it

Yet, it was unstoppable
But, now she sees,
That he was still there,
Guiding her through everything that happened,

So that she could become stronger,
So that she could become smarter,
So that, one day,
She would be the woman he wanted her to be

The girl brushes the hair out of her face, and smiles,
Thanking him for all he's done,
And apologizing for not realizing
That he'd been there for her

He was, and always be
My guardian angel.


Okay, the inspiration from this stems from things that happened in life, per usual. My Grandfather died when I was a baby, but I guess in a way his spirit stuck around, and, as a kid, he was one of those imaginary friends I had. When I turned twelve, I had to have a sort of surgery involving my heart, and it scared the living heckoutof me. My Dad had told me everything would be alright, because my Granddad had come to him in a dream, saying so, but, I honestly doubted it. And now...I sort of realize that I was wrong, and that he was there for me, even if he didn't show himself. In a way, he's my guardian angel, looking out for me.

So, I dedicate this to him. RIP, Granddad.

Thanks for reading, ya'll, it means a lot :)